Keep Possums From your Pool  

by Pool Builders on 05-29-2011 in Articles

Properties which have swimming pools are common places that possums could possibly get into. This is because possums need to drink water if they are likely to survive. A possum may wish to consume water from your property and will do so by taking in the water that's around your swimming pool if nothing else is about. Fortunately, there are some things you can do in order to get rid of possums.

You can start by first making sure that a full cover is being used on your pool. You can keep possums from attempting to be around your property by preparing a durable cover. A full mesh cover can be used to keep your pool from becoming an easy spot for possums to get into. It will help to keep you pool cover secured and sealed up with plenty of supports to make sure that it will not blow away or possums will try to sneak beneath it.

You can also get an anchored towel on the side of your pool when a possum has fallen to your pool. This can be a spot that a possum can anchor itself onto. This is so it will have an easier time with climbing from your pool. This is a necessity because a possum might drown if it's stuck in your pool. There is also a potential the chemicals which are used in your pool and also hardwearing . water clean could end up being poisonous towards the possum.

Of course, you will probably find a dead possum body that has drowned in your pool. You will need to contact an animal control group to get rid of it. You will also have to empty out your pool and fix it out prior to it being used again. Using a cover should make certain that this problem can be prevented in the first place.

Another idea for getting rid of possums is by using other ponds outside of your pool. You might like to find water sources like artificially created shallow ponds. They are areas that the possum can get into and stay hydrated from without the risk of bothering your home or drowning.

You might want to keep these artificial bodies of water as not even close to your property as you can. It helps to make use of these bodies about a hundred feet or so away from your property. This could work to ensure that the possums won't get too close to your property.

It is really an efficient way of getting rid of possums since it can be used to keep a possum from looking to get into your property. With time a possum can be cultivated a practice of getting into this new body of water instead of trying to get to your property. This can be a little safer for you to handle because your home will not be harmed by possums when they're used to this water.

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