Keep Swimming Pool Warm Using Pool Heating  

by Pool Builders on 07-14-2013 in Articles

Having a swimming pool at home is one such luxury that everyone desires to own. It is a great means of entertainment as all the family members can spend quality time together, due to it. The scope of a swimming pool in modern times is limited not just to a house or a hotel but has also expanded to various underwater therapies, where they are used for medication purposes. But during winters, it becomes impossible to indulge into the pleasures provided by the pool due to icy water. However, now there is no need to wait for an ideal weather for swimming due to the invention of pool heating pumps.

Heat pump pool is an effective device that helps in heating of the pool. The pompe à chaleur piscine[heat pump pool] has a dome-like as well as box-shaped structures. The outer layer of the pump is embedded with an evaporator coil, which is a vital component. It enhances the performance of these pumps. The main function of evaporator coil is to manage the functionality of refrigerant that generates maximum heat energy to keep the pool warm during winters. Pool heat pumps also include a compressor, heat exchanger condenser, expansion valve, and fan.

The working of these swimming pool is similar to that of a refrigerator or air conditioning. It harness the heat in the air to keep the temperature of a water according to the desired level. As soon as the temperature outside effects the water in the swimming pool, these pumps get activated. In the similar manner, once the temperature stabilizes it shuts down. The working of these pumps is effected by two aspects:

· Size of the pools: Larger the size of the pool, more time will be taken by the heating pumps to set the temperature of water to a preferred level.

· Temperature outside: If the temperature outside is extremely cold, then the pump will take more time to heat the pool. In contrast, if the temperature outside is moderate, then it will heat the pool sooner.

There are also solar-based pool heaters that harness energy from the sun. This is an environmental friendly way of heating up the pool. These solar powered pool heaters can either be glazed or unglazed. Depending upon the area, one can go for either of the two. If the temperature is immensely low, then it is recommended to have glazed solar chauffage piscine[pool heating] system that have aluminium plates equipped with iron tempered glass casing and copper tubing for efficient working. However, if the temperature is relatively better, then one can go for unglazed pool heating system. Its heavy-duty plastic or rubber light inhibitor is not just easier to operate but is also affordable to buy. Further, the plastic light inhibitors are also ultraviolet treated to prevent damage caused by electrolyseur piscine[chlorinator pool].

As these heat pumps are automatic, they are easier to operate and hence require constant no constant monitoring. They are also easily available in retail shops. With these water heater, swimming pool will remain warm even when the temperature outside is low. These heat pump pool is an ultimate solution to cold swimming pool water during winters.

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