Keep Your Baby Safe and Sound with These Easy-to-do Baby Swimming Tips Every Parent Must Know  

by Pool Builders on 04-19-2012 in Articles

At about six months of age, baby swimming can be introduced to your child. This activity is fun and entertaining while offering a number of benefits that both parent and baby can enjoy, however it can also be very scary at the same time. Water related accidents are a leading cause of injuries and death in babies, however many of these devastations could have been prevented. If baby swimming is something you are ready to introduce, keep the following tips in mind and ensure that it is always as safe and enjoyable as possible.


Of course the proper supervision is a must when introducing baby swimming. Even in the few seconds your head was turned a disaster could occur. Ensure that you are always supervising baby any time they are in or around water.

Introduce Swimming Skills

Baby swimming lessons are available and can help your baby gain valuable water lessons. Lessons are provided by trained instructors, and ensure that your little one knows what to do the moment his toes touch the water. These are perfect for babies aged around six months and older.

Create Barriers Against the Swimming Pool

If your baby is able to crawl, she is able to get too close to the water for comfort. Create barriers between the swimming pool and the home and baby so that no accidents occur if baby wanders off crawling or even walking if she has the ability. Some of the many swimming pool barriers that are available include fences, gate locks and pool covers. They are priced in various prices to be affordable for all budgets. Use one or use them all; you can never be too careful when it comes to keeping your baby safe.

Learn Infant/Child CPR

You hope you would never need to use infant CPR, but it is comforting knowing that it could be done should the need arise. Many CPR classes can be found, including those for baby CPR, and can change your entire life when you least expect it. Ensure that you are completing an infant CPR class that meets all of the standard requirements.

Baby swimming is most definitely a fun way to spend any day, and when these tips are included in that baby swimming fun, you can ensure a safe time for all. You'll gain valuable peace of mind with these tips and as a parent that is never something that comes enough.

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