Keep Your Kids and Pets Safe With Safety Pool Fences  

by Pool Builders on 06-14-2011 in Articles

Swimming Pool Fences are nowadays important feature of your house architecture as it is important safety measure. These fences are constructed around swimming pool to check the entry point of pool for safety reason.

From the statistics it has been observed that second biggest reason for death in children from ages 1-14 years is drowning. Children usually drown in their own swimming pools because of absence of adult supervision as well as absence of any guards around pools. Therefore, in many countries like US and Australia pool fences are essential feature of swimming pool in houses. The construction in governed by laws and rules in these areas. As fences avoid the accidental death of children and pets therefore, if you do not observe the laws for pool fence in your area you should practice this at your own responsibility.

Along with children people also value their pets and many pets drown in these pools or just never get their way out of pools and drown accidentally. Therefore, pool fence also help to keep these pets at distance from pools and also keeping their pools hygienic.

Pool fencing should be done by considering all the aspects of fencing. As there are varieties of fences available in market you should consider all the pros and cons of material as well cash available to you. These material ranges from aluminum, wood, glass, mesh and plastic. As for aluminum they are string fences but block the sight of surroundings. Wood panels are needed to be maintained through painting them regularly. Plastic fences are highly breakable. Mesh fences are recommended when you need temporary fencing and they are easy to install.

After choosing material for your swimming fence second important aspect of fencing is height of fence. As if you want to block the access of your pool from children your fence should be around 4 Feet plus. Then the access point of pool should be well secured with gates in fencing. These gates should be self control gates and could be locked properly. The opening system of gate should be towards the pool side.

If you want to have proper pool fencing with all the possible safety features available then you should hire proper licensed contractors who should be well aware of all the constraints and laws govern pool fencing,. They should be well experienced and with good reputation so that you can have best advice available. The secure pool fencing you would be able to built the more protection you will be able to give to your family.

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