Keep Your Pool Always Glistening With Pool Shock

by Pool Builders on 05-01-2012 in Articles

What do we look forward to when we think of the summer days? Though summer season may bring various hazards like humidity, perspiration and intense glare of the sun, still a smile definitely touches our lips when we imagine cold juices, enticing lemonades and a mesmerizing swim in our glistening pool water. There can be nothing more satisfying and relaxing than an hour swim in the crystal clear and clean pool water. With the excess heat evaporating, our body suddenly becomes energetic and we start looking forward to our day with enthusiasm. But in order to keep our pool clean and healthy we surely need to apply pool shock, ideally once a week.

When we return from our office after a hectic day we quickly dive into the pool to soothe our mind and erase all the official tensions. But are we aware that all the oils and our body waste get deposited in our pool water? Additionally, with the constant usage of our pool, the balance of free available chlorine also wavers. This leads to various issues, like the bacteria starts making our pool their home and the algae also start growing.

Within a few days we can notice the difference when the color of our crystal clear pool water turns from transparent to off-white or yellow. Also, when we swim we can feel burning sensation in our eyes, redness in our eyes or even notice skin issues like allergy. So, even before we become a victim of all the health problems we need to take the precautionary measure, i.e. use pool shock.

With pool shock, the free chlorine levels which were quite low will increase. When the chlorine level starts balancing, it will immediately show its effect. The living bacteria that are crucial reasons behind the eye and skin issues will be killed and the algae will also be eliminated. The problems of human waste and oil which get mixed in the pool water and results in strong chlorine odor will also be resolved. You will find the pool shock to be highly effective when you will see the color of your pool water again changing from yellow to glistening transparent.

Now with your swimming pool perfectly clean and free from any health hazards causing agents, you can again look forward to amazing swims with your spouse and kids. With pool shock at your disposal your swimming experience will always be pleasant and enjoyable!

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