Keep Your Swimming Pool Sanitized With Jandy Salt Cell  

by Pool Builders on 06-28-2012 in Articles

Since time immemorial, swimming pools define luxury and relaxation. There is nothing more calming than a lazy afternoon by the pool, more entertaining than a pool party with family and friends, or more romantic than a late night by the pool. Whichever scenario suits you best, it is essential that your home pool remains clean and sanitized at all times. After all, you never know when you want to take a dip. Jandy salt cell is a widely used unit that converts regular table salt into chlorine.

Importance Of Chlorine in Pools

Chlorine is an essential chemical in a swimming pool that maintains its hygiene. Although everyone knows that pools require chlorine, not many are aware of what it actually does. Basically, the odorous chemical kills harmful bacteria. A chemical known as hypochlorous acid (not to confuse with hydrochloric acid) destroys microorganisms present in water. It also prevents algae from forming on the side walls of the pool. When you have several people inside your swimming pool, it is naturally unhygienic as the water does not flow constantly as with rivers. Jandy salt cell helps maintain a good proportion of chlorine that is harmful to bacteria but not to humans.

Benefits of Jandy Salt Cell

Jandy pool cell units are ingenious systems that eliminate the need of adding chlorine separately to the pool. They are constructed using titanium plates and covered with expensive metals to produce chlorine by electrolyzing inexpensive table salt, providing your pool with optimal chlorine content. The unit's ability to auto clean extends its longevity and ensuring consistent performance. You don't have to worry about having it cleaned frequently. It is a good idea to attend the unit every few months. The salt cell's water tenderizing technology makes the water gentle on your skin despite the chlorine content.

Salt Content in Pools

The innovation has proven to be hugely successful. Regardless of the size of your swimming pool, Jandy salt cell is capable of chlorinating your pool completely. The ideal salt content for pools is 3,500 parts per million. Anything above 6,000 ppm can taste unpleasant. Many people who use a chlorine generating system for their pools experience a decline in chlorine residue when they leave the water. The salt in the water helps to reduce the harshness of the chemical.

Jandy cells have revolutionized the way pools are chlorinated, enhancing swimming pool experience. You can be 100% sure that any time you go for a dive, your pool is sanitized at all times.

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