Keeping Replacement Swimming Pool Supplies Handy Will Increase Pool Usability

by Pool Builders on 05-19-2012 in Articles

Owning a pool can be a wonderful thing for the whole family. Being able to swim at your leisure during the warm months, without having to do deal with a crowded public pool is so much better, and you do not have to worry about the conditions in the pool, like cleanliness, because you control all of that when you own your own pool. The only hassle about owning a pool is the maintenance that has to be done, but for the luxury of a cool swim in the sweltering heat, it will make it all worthwhile. Year after year, once the pool is installed, all you have to worry about is getting the right replacement swimming pool supplies, done every year, when you get the pool ready for the season.

The Many Kinds Of Replacement Swimming Pool Supplies

Replacement swimming pool supplies can be broken down into categories matching the purposes to which they will be put. Under maintenance, you would have those accessories needed to repair the pool itself, like liners, covers and sealers, parts for the deck if you have one, and ladders or steps. For cleaning, you will need various chemicals, to keep the water clear of bacteria and algae, as well as those required to create the right balance of PH and chlorine.

Other replacement swimming pool supplies that you may need are those that add to the enjoyment of the whole pool experience. This can range from furniture for the deck, lighting, pumps, floating toys for the kids, loungers, slides and diving boards. Depending on whether you have an inground pool under an indoor enclosure, or an above ground pool in the backyard, finding some of these accessories will be easy, while others may need contacting specialty retailers to find them. The majority of above ground pool supplies are available from chain stores, discount stores, and even wholesale stores.

Comparing Prices

Wise shoppers for replacement swimming pool supplies will stock up on the basics when they first purchase the pool, and have it installed by commercial installers. You will have your basic equipment delivered with it, and any additions that you ordered at the time of purchase should come with it. It is still a good idea to check stores for basic supplies when they come up for sale, and buy what you need, especially for cleaning. You might be surprised by just how much time, and how much of your supplies you will go through that first year.

Late spring is when pool items will hit most retailers, especially the large chain stores, discount outlets and wholesale clubs, at least for above ground pools. For sale prices, or what is known in the business as aftermarket discounts, late summer or early fall is the best time to stock up for next season, as prices will be dramatically lowered to make room for fall seasonal stock. Inground replacement swimming pool supplies that are particular to them will have to be ordered through specialty outlets.

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