Keeping The Young Ones Safe Around The Swimming Pool

by Pool Builders on 01-16-2013 in Articles

As the weather warms up and days are longer our attention turns to outdoor pursuits including our favourites such as family barbecues, games of cricket in the backyard and swimming in the pool and whilst all of these activities come with some change of injury the swimming pool is by far the leading cause for concern when kids are around.

In 1987 the government initiated the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act due to a high number of drownings in the years preceding, and was subsequently amended in 1991 after changes to the Building Act, and clearly outlines the responsibility of the pool owner along with details about the height and style of the fence that must surround the pool. There are also details about the entrance to the pool which must have a door or gate that opens outwards, closes and latches automatically, and the latch must be at least 1.2m high. All of these requirements are recommended to avoid a young child accidentally accessing the pool.

There are also additional steps you can take to add to the safety of your pool such as installing a cover, however a soft cover alone does not meet the safety requirements, a hard shell cover such as those used for spa pools are the most ideal option. The hard shell covers are manufactured to fit over the entire pool in sections, and due to their size and weight would be impossible for a child to move. The hard shell casing is also curved to avoid the pooling of rain water which can occur on the soft covers, therefore creating a hazard on their own.

It's also important to ensure that there is a slip-resistant surface around the pool to avoid slips and accidents and ensure that any landscaping that is carried out does not breach the act.

Installing an alarm system for this space is also a great added safety feature. Whilst an alarm on its own does not meet the acts requirement it does add an additional layer of security for pool owners, especially if you have a lot of children coming and going from your house. You could also add video surveillance and text alert to the system.

Ensuring that your pool meets the act and is safe for all is the responsibility of the home owner. If you are unsure if your pool complies many local councils run amnesties period and will inspect your pool at no charge. Well worth taking up this offer to ensure your pool is safe.

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