Keeping Your Children Fit and Active - Why You Should Take Your Children Swimming As Often As Possible  

by Pool Builders on 07-03-2013 in Articles

The current generation of children aged between eight and sixteen years have a very different childhood to the generations that preceded them. Gone are the days when kids would happily play out in the street. Roller skates, camp outs and innocent games of hide and seek seem consigned to the past. It seems that we have deemed the streets a place too dangerous for innocent play and instead have managed to confine our children to their homes where they play on game consoles and hand held gaming devices. So what has happened to all of the active play? Where do our kids go to get their exercise and burn off all of their energy? Many children do no sporting activities at all outside of the school curriculum, which is why swimming for kids is a great way to start getting them active again.

Why Swimming?

Swimming is the perfect activity to get the kids involved in for a number of reasons. From a parents point of view swimming is a much more wallet friendly option than other activities as there is no special kit or equipment required. All you need to find the money for is the fee to access the leisure facilities; many leisure facilities that are run by the local council offer membership plans that mean you can use the facilities at a reduced rate, which is great when you use them frequently. For the kids, swimming doesnâEUR(TM)t sound like exercise. When you tell them that you are taking them swimming there first thought isnâEUR(TM)t about it being an exercise session, it is about how much fun they are going to have in the pool.

Health Benefits

Being active in the water is good for the body on so many levels. The resistance offered by the water means that your muscles have to work that little bit harder to move you around. The extra effort that is required by a person to move through the water promotes cardiovascular fitness too. Because you feel so light weight in the water thanks to your natural buoyancy you donâEUR(TM)t realise just how hard your muscles have to work; so you are getting a really good work out without ever breaking into a sweat. Providing that you get the children to actually swim a little bit and not just mess around in the shallow end, you are going some way to improving their fitness levels and overall health and well being.

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