Keeping Your Children Safe Around the Pool

by Pool Builders on 02-23-2009 in Articles

Pool safety among children 1 - 14 is imperative. Throughout the years, swimming pools have become one of the leading causes of injury and death for young children. Following a few simple rules can help prevent a tragedy in your backyard. First off, a fence should surround your pool. This is a law in most states.

Isolate the swimming pool area with a fence that is five feet high or more and affords no footholds for climbing. It should be self-contained. Make sure no furniture or equipment on either side can be used as an aid in climbing over. The fence should be entered through a self-closing, self-latching gate which has the mechanism set too high for children to reach and cannot be propped open. If any doors lead from buildings directly to the swimming pool area, they should be installed with child-resistant locks.

In addition, you may wish to use an alarm on the fence. Pool chemicals should always be locked away when not in use. All electrical devices should be kept away from the swimming pool area to prevent the possibility of electrocution. Any electrical outlets near the pool area should have ground fault circuit interrupters. In most states, they require pools to have a new Antivortex drain cover that will prevent too much suction.

A number of small children have fallen victim to the old style drains that have proved to be quite dangerous. Another method that's being used is, having two drains to avoid too much suction. As far as weather conditions, under no circumstances should anyone be in the pool during a thunderstorm. In my opinion, no children should ever be in the pool unsupervised. If you do decide to let one of your children swim unattended, make sure they are good swimmers.

If not, they should wear proper flotation devices. There should be no bicycles, tricycles or any thing of that nature near the pool. I know it sounds sort of cliché, but no running on the pool deck. Keep CPR information near the pool. If anything should happen, it would be a good thing to have near by. Glass should be kept away from pools at all times. Follow these simple rules to keep the little ones out of trouble. Thanks for reading and have a great summer.

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