Keeping Your Inground Swimming Pool Clean

by Pool Builders on 02-24-2009 in Articles

When we look for a new home some of us hunt for specific features that will make it more appealing to us. Some individuals will look for a home with a pool. This is fantastic for families with kids who can savor their summer by cooling off and having pool parties when they want.

However, we propose that you think long and hard about this decision because an inground swimming pool can take a lot of time and money to take care of it. When you do not take care of your pool it will get dirty speedily from all of the leaves, dust, and dirt around it. Not to mention all of the bugs that come to visit in the summer.

You can always pay a professional to clean your pool once or twice a month or you can save money and discover how to do it yourself. In order to make sure that your pool is clean and safe to use the water must have the right balance to it. There are numerous types of kits that will sell the proper amount of pool chemicals to service you to keep your pool.

Make sure that you screen your pool on a standard basis. All you want for this are simple test strips that will measure the total of chlorine, total alkalinity, pH, and calcium hardness. Chlorine is the only chemical that you will require to put into the pool everyday. Make sure that you cautiously comply with all of the instructions on the test strips to make certain that you add the right amount in the right way.

No one wants to swim in a pool that has bugs and leaves swimming in it. Pool skimmers are crucial at keeping your pool clean. They will take out this debris from your pool by skimming them off the top of the water where you can then dispose of them in the dirt. The only way that you can effectively remove the debris from the bottom of the pool is to purchase particular pool vacuums.

Ordinarily the night before you use the pool vacuum you will need to brush the walls and the floor of the pool to loose all of the dirt and leaves. Let the pool filter to run for two hours to help take away the majority of the debris. Before placing the vacuum into the pool shut the filter off so that it can settle on the floor of the pool. The following day you will be able to vacuum to the bottom of the pool.

Plainly the most serious thing you have when it comes to keeping your pool clean is the pool filter. The job of the filter is to take away the dirt, leaves, and oils from the pool. To keep it working properly you will need to check the cartridge of the filter at least once a week. You may want to rinse it off or replace it if it is damaged. In some pools algae and bacteria can produce and make not only a funny look to your pool - but also a horrible smell. To kill off this algae and bacteria you will need to use shock treatments. These treatments should be used once a week to deflect any health problems that they might produce.

During the winter time or periods of time that you might be on vacation you can keep your pool clean from debris by using an inground swimming pool cover. This cover is designed to cover the entire top of the pool and is very strong.

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