Keeping Your Kids Entertained Outdoors This Summer   

by Pool Builders on 06-19-2014 in Articles

Now that the frigid temperatures and heavy snowfalls of last winter are behind us, summer is beginning to make its long-awaited return. As much as you enjoy the warm weather, neighborhood barbecues and vacation time this season brings, no one loves summer more than children. After nine long months of spending their days in stuffy, overcrowded classrooms, your kids are free to do whatever they want for almost 100 days. Even if your youngsters are studious straight €A€ students, they're sure to rejoice the instant the final dismissal bell of the year rings.

Unfortunately, many children have a habit of squandering the enormous chunk of freedom known as summer vacation. Instead of taking advantage of the beautiful weather and running around outside, they spend countless hours watching television, playing videogames and surfing the web. While there's nothing wrong with devoting a little bit of time to indoor leisure activities each day, wasting three months vegetating in front of the tube is hardly conducive to a healthy lifestyle. If your kids need some encouragement to spend time outdoors, there are a number of things you can try.

Playground Equipment
If your youngsters are too glued to the television to trek down to the playground, you can bring the playground to them. By installing a swing set, jungle gym or sandbox, you can turn your backyard into a fun-filled play area for your kids. In many cases, home-based playground equipment is easily affordable and considerably safer than what you'll find at public parks. Additionally, having brand new playground equipment in their backyard is bound to make your kids the envy of every child in the neighborhood.

Above-Ground Swimming Pools
Since swimming is among every child's favorite summertime activities, it pays to have your own pool. Unfortunately, installing an in-ground pool can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000. If you live in an area prone to harsh winters, it doesn't make a lot of sense to sink so much money into something you can only use for three months out of the year. This is where above-ground pools come in. In addition to costing under $1,000, most above-ground pools can be assembled and disassembled in a timely manner. This ensures that you won't have any trouble taking the pool apart the instant fall rolls around. Unlike in-ground pools, which need to be cleaned and maintained throughout the winter months, an above-ground pool can comfortably spend its downtime in your garage, attic or basement.

Backyard Barbecues
In addition to being fun for parents, backyard barbecues are highly-anticipated events for children as well. Whether you've invited friends, neighbors, family members or any combination thereof, there are bound to be plenty of kids in attendance. Nothing inspires young children to put down the videogames and start running around like the presence of potential playmates. Furthermore, the presence of brand new playground equipment and an above-ground swimming pool is guaranteed to delight any pint-sized guests. Between the tasty food and hours of playtime, backyard barbecues are among the highlights of even the most housebound child's summer vacation.

With constant advances in technology and an influx of fascinating summertime programming, a growing number of children no longer wish to spend their summers enjoying the great outdoors. However, by providing them with a little incentive to turn off the television and put on their sneakers, you can ensure that your youngsters enjoy many hours of outdoor fun this summer.

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