Keeping Your Pool Clean and Clear

by Pool Builders on 04-06-2011 in Articles

Your swimming pool is perhaps an area where you relax and put your worries aside. It's a place where you can enjoy and cool yourself especially during the hot summer time. On the other hand, a dirty and algae-filled pool is the opposite of it. Who would want to swim in a pool that has greenish water due to the formation of algae and dirt? That's why you need to maintain and keep your pool clean and clear at all times. In doing so, it will not only give you clear water but also a bacteria-free water to swim in everyday.

This article will help you on how to keep your pool clean and how to do it simple and easy. Just follow these simple guidelines and you'll enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear water of your swimming pool.

1. Drain the water of your swimming pool and make sure that you apply a cleaning agent in order to speed up the process of cleaning. Let the chemical sit for a while to soften the dirt, thus making it easier to remove.

2. Use a pool brush with telescopic pole that has different handle lengths for the various areas that needs vigorous brushing. Don't forget to apply a cleaning agent on your pool brush as well as this will be a great help when scrubbing out those stubborn dirt. You can always leave an area where the dirt is hard to remove and come back again later and finish cleaning it.

3. Steel brushes are also effective in removing algae, however be careful on using this tool especially on vinyl tiles as it will scratch the tiles when used improperly.

4. A pool vacuum cleaner is necessary as it can make your job easier and faster to do. Although there are some spots that can't be cleaned with this tool, a large area of the swimming pool can be cleaned up by using this vacuum cleaner.

5. If your pool has slides, steps or railings, perhaps you might want to finish them before you proceed on doing the floor of the pool. You can use rags on the railings as brushing them will give you a hard time. Brush the pool steps over and over until the dirt is removed. Algae formation are more common on the steps of the pool as there are many corners on the steps which makes it a better spot for the algae to grow.

6. After you clean the pool of its dirt, you can now apply chlorine on the water to keep it clean and disinfected. Aside from this chemical, you can also use other chemicals depending on your preference. Baquacil is also a good alternative for chlorine as a pool sanitizer which has no bad effects on the skin and eyes. Another thing that makes it a good chemical for your pool is that it doesn't corrode your pool equipments, thus making it perfect as your ideal chemical in maintaining your swimming pool clean and clear.

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