Keeping Your Pool in Great Shape  

by Pool Builders on 06-18-2011 in Articles

Anyone who owns a pool can attest to the kind of work that is needed to make it useable. Even when a professional pool cleaning service is used the homeowner still needs to perform some basic tasks. As such, it is important to know what to do outside of the regular maintenance visits to keep things nice and inviting.

One of the challenges facing first time pool owners is finding the right cleaning company. This is not to suggest that there aren't many options available. The issue lies in finding the company that offers the best service possible at an affordable price.

The Basics of Pool Care

The issue of maintenance is a big responsibility for any homeowner. For some parts of the US swimming areas are actually considered a way of life. People in these areas generally understand that proper care plays a big role in ensuring they can relax and enjoy their pool in comfort.

To be fair, maintenance can be a headache for many owners. It can be an ongoing task which can be made more challenging by the surrounding environment. There are a few things that can help to make it easier.

Don't wait to do a big cleanup after a week or two. Skimming the water every day or even every other day can be done quickly. Fallen leaves and other debris can quickly accumulate and make the area unsightly. Skimming helps to minimize this happening.

A special algae inhibiting solution can be poured into the water as part of your basic maintenance. Be sure to follow all instructions on the packaging. Algae is not only unattractive it can also pose a health hazard.

Pool owners should always listen out for unusual sounds coming from filters or pumps. This could indicate a problem which can be fixed if caught early. Paying attention to the pressure gauge will also help in detecting malfunctioning equipment.

Using a Pool Cleaning Service

While the homeowner will have some work to do, the more challenging tasks rest on the professional cleaning service. Any good company in this area understands the importance of scheduled maintenance visits. As a customer you should assess the quality of their work.

Most pool cleaning companies offer the same services with few variations. The cleanliness of the water is not the only maintenance issue of importance. Pool repair is often required for a number of reasons ranging from loose tiles to damaged filters and other mechanical and electrical parts.

The homeowner should understand exactly what tasks will be covered under a maintenance contract. The frequency of tasks to be done will depend on the size and location of the unit.

It is best to deal with a company that offers the full range of services. If a pool has been out of commission for a while they should be able to restore it and even remodel it if necessary. Other important tasks may include:

* Deck repair
* Plastering
* Replacing tiles
* Repairing pumps
* Replacing filters and filter cleaning
* Plumbing work

All of this would fall within the ambit of regular equipment checks. Once a problem is noticed it must be brought to the homeowner's attention for quick action. Testing and maintaining the pH levels is also necessary. Improper pH levels can lead to all kinds of issues including health ones such as rashes.

Experience is always a good thing but it certainly should not be considered a deal breaker. An up and coming pool service company may be capable of delivering a good job. Otherwise, the homeowner has the right to cancel the agreement and look for another service provider. Why pay money for a service not meeting expectations.

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