Keeping Your Pools Water Inviting  

by Pool Builders on 11-29-2011 in Articles

Nothing says America more than owning swimming pools in your own backyard. The warm days and easy nights almost demand having one in your backyard to take a cool refreshing dip in at the end of a very hard day of work and fighting bumper to bumper rush hour traffic home.
And as nice as they are to have they aren't too nice if you don't maintain them with some proper care. If your schedule does not allow you the time needed make sure you utilize the services of a pool cleaning company instead but don't ignore the need to keep your watery oasis clean and inviting.

The water in any standing body that isn't kept moving from a bigger source of water, can become stagnant and that means an invitation for all sorts of nasty things to take root in your pools including algae and bacteria both of which can make anyone who uses the waters sick with a water borne illness.

If left untreated algae can turn your pristine blue waters into a rather nasty green or black and no one not even the family dog will want to take a lap around in that. Plus left unchecked long enough the algae can stain your pools shell and clog and damage the pool's filters leading to some very expensive repairs down the road and some even more costly restoration repairs.

So how does this type of unwanted life start in the first place-- especially if you use your waters every day and are actively involved in using the area? Algae finds homes that have the right or wrong PH balance in the water to become compatible with its existence and once it finds a good home it's a lot like your in laws. It simply moves in and takes root for a very long and uninvited visit.

This is why maintenance 101 calls for having the water PH balance checked in pools a lot to ensure the water is inviting to you and your invited guest to take a dip but not so inviting to other forms of life to take root.

One method to control the PH balance is the use of chlorine in the water. This is where most people screw up or at least fail to understand the proper levels. If you have too much chlorine in the water it will burn your eyes and skin and make your water reek of bleach which is not contrary to popular belief the smell of a healthy body of water. If your chlorine levels are too low on the other hand your water won't have enough disinfectant to ward off unwanted life in it either.

Start your maintenance by making sure you and your maintenance crew know how to properly read and maintain the right PH balance and since this is the key to algae control in the first place, the problem will never become a problem in your pristine blue waters.

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