Keeping your Swimming Pool & Spa Healthy  

by Pool Builders on 08-24-2010 in Articles

Swimming pools and spas can be a great asset to the family home, providing relaxation, recreation and exercise. This backyard asset also comes with the task of ensuring that the pool or spa is safe to swim in and use. There are a number of things to consider when maintaining safe and healthy spas or swimming pools. Perth [], Western Australia has a meditteranean climate and in summer swimming pools and spas can be a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria.

Water Treatment

Dirt, chemicals, micro-organisms, skin and hair from swimmers all contribute to the contamination of pool and spa water, making it unsafe to swim in. Filtration and chemical disinfection are a couple of the ways to treat your water:

  • Filtration

    Filtration is the process of removing dirt and other unwanted material from the water. Three common types of filters include sand filters, diatomaceous earth and cartridge filters. A good filter system will be able to completely filter the total water contents of a swimming pool within approximately 6-8 hours, and spas within 30 mins to 1 hour.

    Filtration systems should be turned on when swimmers are using the pool or spa, and then for another hour or so once the swimmers get out. Due to the fact that dirt builds up inside the filter, it is important to clean your filter on a regular basis. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your pool or spa filter will prolong its life and enable it to operate at maximum efficiency.

    The pressure gauge within many filter systems, indicates the level of pressure inside the filter. Once pressure levels rise, this is an indication that the filter is dirty and requires cleaning. If your filtration system does not have a pressure gauge, the filter should be cleaned whenever the flow of water from the filter back into the pool or spa noticeably decreases.

    Diatomaceous earth filters are cleaned either through backwashing or manual cleaning. Sand filters are similiarly cleaned via backwashing, and cartridge filters are cleaned manually. Make sure that you do follow your manufacturer's instructions when cleaning your filter, to ensure that you apply to right cleaning method for your type of system.

  • Disinfection

    When micro-organisms are present in pool or spa water, swimmers may be prone to contracting an infection. Therefore, it is necessary to add a chemical to the water to destroy these micro-organisms. The chemical needs to rapidly destroy these micro-organisms, and oxidise chemical pollutants without causing any harm to swimmers. Chemical disinfectants will involve a chlorine or bromine compound, as these types prove most effective and can be safely used in a swimming pool or spa. If the disinfection process is not performed adequately, swimmers are at risk of contracting an infection. Many viruses and bacteria can be passed between swimmers using the pool, therefore it is important to always keep the water in tip top condition.

    West Australia's Delta UV, a new sanitisation system on the market, disinfects and inactivates viruses, bacteria, algae and protozoa on contact. This new system allows you to enjoy safe clean swimming water. Delta UV system requires lower amounts of chlorine, therefore reducing the sometimes unpleasant smell of chlorine.

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