Kelowna Above Ground Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 01-31-2011 in Articles

A backyard swimming pool will be a great way to spend the day lazing with your family and away from the hectic world outside. However, much have to be considered before investing in on. After doing much research for your much dreamed about swimming pool, you have narrowed down the selection to one type that suits your budget, lifestyle and your current home. You finally made your choice to building an above-ground pool in your backyard.

Above-ground pools are the most convenient type to be built. Installation takes a much shorter time and could be assembled in as quickly as a couple of days. These pools are not a permanent construction sitting in your backyard. As they are not built into the ground, they can be easily dismantled and movable whenever you move home. These above-ground pools are less expensive than the in-ground pools with minimal maintenance. Since the above-ground pools are not a permanent structure, you will not be required to obtain planning permission. The moment you have decided to have one, you can proceed without any worries about approvals.

These pools can be enjoyed throughout the year or dismantled at the end of the swimming season. Above-ground pools come in ranges from economical models to the more luxurious and expensive ones. Each pool comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate yours and your family's preferences. To check on your multitude of selections, just logon to the web and search for Kelowna above-ground pools. You will be spoilt for choice but you must bear in mind that the shape and size of your above-ground pool will depend very much on the size and topography of your backyard.

The above-ground pools can sometimes stand out harshly right in your backyard. There's always a danger of it clashing with your beautifully landscaped garden. As such, a good way to camouflage the pool and get the most enjoyment, you will probably need to build a wooden deck that wraps around the pool. A wrap around deck can also add support to the structures of the pool. The wooden deck will also create a favorite gathering spot for the whole family. The deck provides more space near the water to allow a place to sunbathe and poolside dining as well as railings to hold on to for safety precautions.

Other than dressing up your wooden deck, you can also add other features or amenities such as waterfalls, fountains, lightings or your personalized themed garden to create that splendor and elegance in your backyard. Waterfalls may range from a rock formation that flows into the swimming pool to a free-standing sculpture that spills over into the pool. The soothing sound of running water is an added benefit. Another hot idea is to create a fire pit whereby the crackling flames adds warms and encourages relaxation after a swim. It is no wonder why some swimming pool owners decided to add underwater sound system to the pool.

Solar landscape lights are virtually maintenance free and easy to install for lighting your backyard and gardens. These lights may come as decorative lights in many styles from solar frogs to solar statues create faint glows around your pool.

All weather comfortable poolside furniture like loungers and rest chairs will provide for cozy seatings and lingering conversations. You can select these furniture that reflects your current home design. There are a myriad of colors and designs that can do wonders to add to the aesthetic look of your above-ground swimming pool.
Nowadays outdoor living trend has caught up tremendously as evident by the increased social gatherings and cookout parties held every weekend around the neighborhoods. A swimming pool definitely encourages socializing as well as to promote healthy lifestyle and enhance family time. Purchasing and installing a swimming pool is a rewarding home improvement for the homeowners. Homeowners are no more apprehensive about installing a swimming pool right in their backyard if the land space permits. Coupled with improved durability as well as quick easy installation, these above-ground swimming pools have become the most popular choice for homeowners to enjoy a cooling and refreshing dip right outside their doorstep.

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