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by Pool Builders on 06-20-2009 in Articles

In today's economy, the trend is to find ways to enjoy leisure time closer to home. What better way to make your valuable times of relaxation all the more special than to make a long-term investment in your own pool. There are so many choices to make that it is a bit daunting, to say the least. Here are some suggestions that will help you get started:

1. Budget
Decide on your pool budget. Once you have determined how much you are willing to spend on the total project, you can begin to search for models that fall within your price range. Remember that the cost of your pool is only part of the total cost. Other things to consider are landscaping, maintenance costs, contractor fees, etc. to name only a few.

2. Contractor
Choosing your Kelowna pool contractor. With the increased volume of summer pool installations, you should engage a contractor early in the year to ensure project completion during the warm summer months. Not only do you want to choose your contractor based on budget implications, but you also need to look at their work record and speak to several of their satisfied customers in person. You should also examine some of their installation projects in person. You do not want to allow even a small margin of error for a job of this magnitude.

3. Pool Options
Narrow down your choices for size, style, and type of pool construction. Once you get to this stage, you should be making comparisons of a variety of pools. Determine whether your pool will be inground or above ground, what accessories you will purchase or allow for adding on later, and what type of pool shell you will have. Will it be a fiberglass shell, or will you be going with the more traditional concrete and a pool liner? Will this be a traditional lap pool or a compact pool offering such things as stationary swimming and built in exercise equipment?

4. Kelowna Safety Regulations
Be familiar with Kelowna pool safety regulations. The City of Kelowna residential swimming pool bylaw states that an inground pool must be enclosed by a barrier of at least 1.2 meters (see the regional district bylaws online for more details). If you live in a gated community, be sure to also check with your community council to see if further regulations exist. You don't want to have the bob-cat poised to begin the first scoop and then discover that there are inground pool restrictions in your particular area!

5. Getting it Done.
Be prepared for disorderliness and noise during the construction phase. Even seasoned contractors and staff cannot undertake major projects like this without making a big mess first. But take heart, soon it will be finished and you'll enjoy the peace and tranquility of a beautiful pool in your own back yard.

6. Pool Maintenance.
In the excitement of closing a sale, salespersons often fail to emphasize the IMPORTANCE of routine maintenance required by you, the owner, in keeping your pool at peak performance. It is worth doing your homework on this point, because so much is at stake in keeping your pool in top operating condition. Become familiar with the process of pool maintenance, and understand it completely. It will save you costly repair bills in the end.

Once you begin this project, you will think of other important decisions that you need to make along the way. Talking to others who have already installed a pool will be helpful. Consider blogging to get more information about pools. Most bloggers are more than honest in these kind of forums as they want the right information too, just as you do. You can learn from other people's experiences, and build on them. Try to think through every eventuality before you begin in order to avoid surprises, and you will be glad you did.

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