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by Pool Builders on 01-31-2011 in Articles

Kelowna is one of Okanagan's largest cities in the southern interior of British Columbia. Located right on the edge of the 80-mile long Lake Okanagan, it is purportedly home to a giant sea monster named Ogopogo. This city enjoys the unique experience of all the four seasons of spring, summer, winter and fall. This is one the draw for many visitors to the city.

Whether it is the cold, warm, windy or wet season, there is always something for everybody to do. It could just be a stroll in their well-landscaped parks, arts or cultural walks, hiking, garden and vineyard tours, fishing, skiing, golfing, water-sports or splashing out at the Kelowna swimming pools. There is bound to be something suitable for every visitor.

With the recently launched national program 'LIVE RIGHT NOW', there's an anticipation of more activities in the making to challenge Canadians to make small, manageable changes in their lifestyle that will have a large and lasting effect on their health. The City of Kelowna has in fact entered into an agreement with a non-profit organization to provide value-based programs at high quality service standards at their municipal facility. At this facility, families can connect, play, laugh and enjoy a healthier life by taking up any of the scheduled programs from fitness to aquatics.

Swimming is seen as one a healthy and relaxing aquatic activity to indulge in. It tones the body and provide for excellent cardiovascular workout as well. Additionally, it is a non-impact activity and a great calorie burner. It will strengthen the heart muscles and improves the delivery of oxygen to the cells in the body to increase metabolism. There is definitely plenty to benefit when you include swimming into your daily regime as you will be using all your muscles in the water. Although you can't see much difference in weight, you will be developing more solid muscles and seeing changes in the composition of body fat. Many physicians also recommend swimming for healing muscles and rehabilitations from injuries.

Swimming is an all year sport both indoors and outdoors throughout this city. Aquatic activities at the public swimming pools can be for the individuals as well as for group activities. For the individuals, lap-swimming will be ideal to improve their endurance and general well-being. Gliding from one end to the other in repeated laps or underwater aerobics or underwater running can do wonders to improve fitness. For those who prefer group activities, then such water games like water polo or water volleyball or a game of the old favorite, Marco Polo can give boost for some calorie burn. Start a real change now and head for the Kelowna swimming pools.

And for those who have their very own swimming pool right in their backyard, apart from being a place to cool down on a hot day, there are a number of health-oriented activities to take up right at your doorstep. Get fit now by training laps within the pool and while you are at it, cover more laps if it is a smaller pool. A simple water aerobics like walking and running in the pool can also kick-start your health regime. For those water-sport enthusiasts, the swimming pool in your backyard would be a great place to put your snorkeling equipments to test or practise your Eskimo roll for kayaking if your pool is large enough that is. Get friends and colleagues over and simply enjoy a game or two of water polo, water volleyball or some old favorite Marco Polo in your swimming pool.

If you don't have your own swimming pool or you are not keen to swim at the municipal facility, check out the various private recreation centers available in Kelowna and registered for some swimming activities. The list of clubs starts from the Kelowna Family YMCA-YWCA to Kelowna Master Swim Club to Okanagan Master Swim Club. Start at any of the centers according to your own convenience to improve your lifestyle. Remember that a sedentary lifestyle can put you in harm's way. While you still have your health, do well to be mindful and invest in a lifestyle that ensures long-term health. It's important that people start investing in their future health now.

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