Key Points to Know For Your Swimming Pool Maintenance

by Pool Builders on 03-08-2010 in Articles

Many people dream of having a swimming pool in their backyard so that they can enjoy, sitting beside their pool with chilled beer in hands, especially in the hot summer days of Hemet, California. But installing a pool is just half the job done. Maintaining the pool is the other half. It is very important that when you get your swimming pool installed, you also maintain it properly. If you don't it might get damaged or it might become dangerous for the people who use it. Pool maintenance is not all that hard; you just need to know a few things so that you can properly maintain your pool.

Pool Cleaning:

Of course, the most important and key point in Swimming Pool Maintenance is pool cleaning. Most of the pools have sand filters that automatically circulate water in the pool. These sand filters are used to remove all the impurities in the water. You should regularly clean these filters. To clean the filter and the pool water, you should first get all the large particles out of the pool with the help of a net or something similar. Your filter system should take care of the rest of the cleaning. It will automatically drain all the impure water, pass it through the filter, clean it, and then fill it back. You should keep the filtering system on for almost 6-8 hours a day. If you feel that your filters are not cleaning as effectively as they should be then you will need to do a much deeper cleaning.

In the days when pool is used a lot, you should vacuum and brush the pool at least once in a week. Clean the walls of the pool properly so that all the germs are removed. Also it's good to reverse the filtering system so that if there is anything stuck in the filters, it blows out. After all this, test the water, if you notice a considerable change in the water then your cleaning is done properly.

Adjustment in the Chemical Levels:

After you have cleaned your pool properly, you should check the chemical levels and the PH of the water in the pool. Not a lot of people pay much attention to the fact that the chemical levels and the PH of their backyard pools should be in a balance. It's not difficult to test the chemical levels of your pool. Just get a water test kit from the market and you'll be fine. After testing the water, you will have a clear idea as to what should be the chemical levels in the pool. Your pool will be safer for use.

Solving Pool Problems:

If you clean your pool properly and regularly that it's almost certain that you won't be facing a lot of problems regarding your pool maintenance. But if you are facing problems like swimmers becoming ill, algae, cloudy water, chlorine burn and staining then it is advised that you don't use the pool until you get to the bottom of the problem and fix it. Illness from the pool is a serious issue. Do not allow people who are ill to use the pool for the safety of others.

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