Kids Just Love Amazing Coral Reef Above Ground Pool Liners   

by Pool Builders on 11-16-2008 in Articles

How the simple above ground pool has changed over the years. One of the most visible and impressive changes to come to todays above ground pool is the new choices in custom decorative above ground pool liners. While there is a litany of choices to select from, including all varieties of faux ceramic tile and stone, it is the wildly exotic and all-too-realistic coral reef pool liners that kids are crazy about.

An Underwater Tropical Fantasy

Picture your kids diving into your pool and as soon as they hit the water they enter a fantasy under water world of a tropic paradise. The floor is covered with three dimensional full color rocks, sand, starfish and coral. At the same time, a variable cornucopia of fish species and seaweed reach out from the sides of the pool in full living color.

So Many Amazing Choices

Whats so crazy is that everything just looks so real! Also, the colors are fade resistant and embedded right into the pool liner itself, so these new fantastic pool liners deliver years of tropical fantasies. Tropical motif pool liners come in several varieties also, so you may want to let the kids in on the decision as to which one you are going to choose.

Swim Masks are a Definite Must

Of course you are definitely going to need at least one or two swim masks for this type of pool. If you really want to expand on the tropical thing and make your pool all the more fun to be in and around there are plenty of inexpensive accessories to bring into the picture as well.

Bring the Tropics to Your Backyard

For instance, beach towels with tropical prints are a cinch to find online as are bamboo teekee torches that you can plug into the ground around your yard. Then of course a few pieces of rattan furniture can complete the picture. So the question now is why go on a tropical vacation when you can bring the tropics to your own backyard with tropical lagoon above ground pool liners.

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