Kids Need to Be Taught to Swim for Survival - It Doesn’T Matter If They Live in Siberia or Acapulco  

by Pool Builders on 10-28-2012 in Articles

How many drowning accidents must we hear about before we open our eyes and realise what the real problem is? In cases in which adults drown because they were never taught to swim, we wonder whose fault that was, but in reality, we know it stems back to the parents and their obvious oblivion to how much water this earth contains. It is quite easy to walk through life thinking your child will never be faced with a sink or swim situation, but it is a ludicrous notion as one ever knows. This is why it is important for every parent, no matter where he or she lives, to enrol their child inswimming lessons for kids.

Fear of Water is a Problem for Many

The number of adults who are terrified of water is staggering, and again, this lies on the shoulders of the parents. If a child starts swimming early enough in life, there will not be an irrational fear of water to contend with. Parents should get their babies into the water at only a few months of age and practice taking their babies in as often as possible. This will get the babies used to water, prior to the actual swimming lessons for kids.

There is No Water Where We Live Suitable to Swim In

Right, this might be true if you are considering lakes and rivers your only choice. However, there was a brilliant invention made sometime back during the Roman Empire, and that is the swimming pool. There is almost no city in the civilised world that does not have some sort of indoor swimming pool designed for use by the community, especially with the growing awareness of how important it is everyone know how to swim.

Your Child Does Not Have to Be an Olympic Swimmer

We are not suggesting that everyone should swim like an expert and have the ability to swim a kilometre without stopping. We are simply saying survival in the water is necessary for children. Children should at least know how to doggie paddle themselves to safety, if nothing else. The idea is teaching your child how to keep his or her head above water long enough to get to land, or the edge of a pool without sinking. If you are able to teach your child at least the minimum swimming requirements, he or she will take it from there. Then it will be up to the child whether he or she wants to advance to Olympic status.

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