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by Pool Builders on 03-06-2011 in Articles

Are you a proud parent, grand parent, aunt or uncle? If yes, or if you have any children in your family what so ever then you can be the hero of the clan by purchasing one of the many styles of kids pools available today. A pool is the epitome of a great summer in a child's eyes and can also be a fun and sneaky way to incorporate some exercise in their lives. Unless you have just won the lottery you will probably not want to spend the thousands of dollars on an in ground pool just to please the kiddies, so you may want to opt for a small toddler pool. A self set-up pool, depending on how many children are involved and also their age, is probably the best option.

Kids pools come in different sizes varying from a three foot wide, one foot tall plastic "baby" pool to an eighteen foot wide six foot deep aluminum, vinyl or fiberglass pool. The larger of the two options will generally come with everything you need to set the pool up, as well as a pump and filtering system, a step ladder to get in and out of the pool and a liner for inside the pool. These above ground pools take between two and five hours to set up, depending on how many people are involved. If you live in a state with all four seasons, it is not recommended to leave this free standing pool up through the duration of the winter as it may damage it severely. Kid's pools can be winterized but keep in mind this is a costly process, and it may be worth it to take the pool down and store it during the blizzard prone months.

Swimming is a valued bonding experience and will continue to be for years to come, and providing the kids in your life with their own giant bowl of water to splash around in could quite possibly be the best decision you ever make. Always remember that safety is number one, especially when dealing with kids pools. Before you let the little ones jump in you must double check that the pool has been set up exactly according to the provided instructions. Also be sure that the screws and bolts on the step ladder have all been tightened and secured before use. Provide the smaller children with arm flotation devices or life jackets, and never leave them un-attended in the pool.

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