Kids Swimming Pool - Make the park at your home  

by Pool Builders on 04-30-2011 in Articles

The temperature on summer is so hot, I brought my kids to the swimming pool near my home later year. But this summer, I need to go to work aboard about 3 months and my wife cannot take care our kid at the swimming pool because she cannot swimming well. I dicussed with her abouth this situation if we don't bring them to play water, they would be disappointed. And what should our kids do on the hot. I pity my kids but understand my wife so I decided to find the Inflatable Pool to create the water park at my home that can solve all problems. My wife only take care on our kids out side the pool and don't need to swimming because the pool is the low level and be safe for children. While the kids will enjoy and feel happy. Happy ending on everyone include me.

I use internet to search which product is the features that I like. I like the slide for playing on the water and water sprayer to connect to the host for pull the water to the pool. I find two item that I am pleased on the function. One from Intex that has two small pool which includes a water slide, wading pool, water sprayer, ring toss game with four inflatable rings, and a ball roller game and toss ball game. Another one is produced by Intex as well. It look like the sea and beach mock. I cannot design which one is the best for my kids so I let my kids decide to buy the product that they like

They choose the Ocean Play Center that look like the sea.It has palm shape and a various fish painted in the floor. I agree with them because I also love the designed on this item even another has more feather.It has one small pool with Palm Tree that connected to the bigger pool by slider.The wading pool is equipped with an overflow drain hole to allow no more than 4 1/4 inches. This pool can play up to 3 small kids (may be 4 small kids) so my boy and girl can enjoy the water comfortably and also have space to put a lot of toy on the water.

I bought the Inflatable ball for them to play on the pool. I think this product is so great for my kids. Beside they are relax from school and cool on summer, they also excercise on the water that will give them stronger.My kids really love it and enjoy on the water while my wife can take a look on them while they play to ensure that they will be safe. We are really happy on Kids Swimming Pool [], it change my small home to be the funny Part land. Great!!

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