Kids and Swimming the Triathlon

by Pool Builders on 01-04-2010 in Articles

Do have young kids who may be interested in doing a triathlon? If they are used to swimming you can safely get them to the point where they can complete the swim portion of the event fairly quickly. You want to have them build up their endurance to be able to complete the swim but not be so worn out they can't ride the bike portion.

When they swim in the pool make it a fun event, if it becomes an endurance practice session they will most likely lose interest and give up. Have them swim some then give them some play time then swim a few more laps. If they are not comfortable doing the freestyle stroke then let them mix in some other style.

Make sure the kids learn how to pace themselves so they don't go out too hard from the start and burn out. They can learn pacing in the pool by plodding ahead at a nice easy pace. You can also have them do the first lap slow and each lap after picking up the pace a little but not sprinting.

Be careful about over training because they will also be doing some running and biking. You have to monitor them so they keep the right balance of activity to gradually improve without over doing it. The good thing about swimming is that they will not get any foot or leg injury like you would running and can actually do more.

Make the time in the pool a fun time and it will be more enjoyable and the kids will gain more from it. After their first race you will know pretty quickly if they had a good time and want to do another.

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