Kinds of Pool Filters

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Swimming pool filters act as a fence between the water and the pump, and helps maintain the pool water free of impurities. They filter out leaves and other debris, thus preventing them from entering and blocking the pump system. Therefore, proper maintenance of the filtration system is a must to ensure their long life. This requires proper understanding of the pool filter mechanisms and their usage accordingly.

Types of Pool Filters

To find and invest in a pool filtration system that perfectly suits your swimming pool, it is imperative to know the various types of pool filters available in the market.

Sand Filters - Sand is the filtering medium used in these filters. Water enters from the top of the filter tank and moves down through beds of sand. The sharp particles of sand hold back impurities and allow pure water to flow out from the bottom into the pool.

However, regular utilization of this process leads to accumulation of dirt particles in the filter. This results in the slowing down of the filtration process. The filter should then be cleaned by allowing the water to enter from the bottom and exiting from the top. This is called the 'backwashing' process. Through this process, the debris accumulated between the sand particles gets washed away. However, sand filters are able to remove dirt and particles that are 20 to 25 microns in size. Smaller debris is allowed to reenter the pool.

Cartridge Filters - The cylinder-shaped filtering devices inside the cartridge filters are made of polyester or other materials. As water passes through these effective filters, impurities are caught and removed. These filters can be easily washed with water from a hose pipe. You can even soak them in detergent solution and fix them back in the pool.

Although more expensive than sand filters, cartridge filters are popular because of their lesser maintenance cost, and also because they trap impurities as minuscule as 5 microns in size.

Diatomaceous Earth Filters - This kind of filter is the most effective, efficient and expensive. The filtering medium is diatomaceous earth, the fossilized exoskeletons of minuscule diatoms. The filtering tank is coated with this substance and as water passes through this filtering tank, diatomaceous earth sieves the minutest impurities. These filters can be cleaned by the process of backwashing. The dirty water can then be drained out of the filtration system.

Despite providing the best filtration mechanism, diatomaceous earth filters are not very popular because of their high-cost maintenance. All types of filters can be browsed through and purchased at various online stores.

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