Know Your Above Ground Pool Ladders   

by Pool Builders on 11-16-2008 in Articles

Perhaps you are already familiar with ladders as most people are. You have been using them you whole life, so how complex can they be. Well leave it to pool designers to take something as simple as a ladder and turn it into a complex subject.

So how difficult can the job of selecting an above ground pool ladder be? The truth is that it can be a lot more difficult then it may seem on the surface. To start with you have to decide what price range you are going to be shopping in.

The absolute cheapest rout to take if you are interested in rock bottom pricing is to simply buy a complete above ground pool kit. It will come with everything that you need to get started swimming and that also includes the ladder for the pool.

OK. No kit. Perhaps you have more money to spend and are interested in some custom features on your pool including the ladder. Start with the materials. For an above ground pool you are either going to go with a molded plastic or aluminum ladder.

If you have young children who are going to be swimming in your pool you can easily get by with a good quality molded plastic ladder. However if you are going to be having a bunch of rambunctious teens rampaging around in your pool you may want a more sturdy aluminum above ground pool ladder.

Another factor you may want to consider is safety. If you own a pool safety is something that you are going to have to think about particularly if there are young children in the home or in homes near by. For this you may want to take a good look at any one of the fold up safety above ground pool ladders that make a pool much harder to get into when it is not in use.

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