Know the Advantages of Using Ceramic Pool Heaters

by Pool Builders on 04-23-2012 in Articles

Ceramic pool heaters are very safe to use. Read on the outlined advantages of using heaters with ceramic elements. And know the several aspects that are worth considering when making a choice and deciding the best type of pool water heating device to install for your family's swimming facility.

Ceramic heaters operate on the principle of convection hence there is a lower risk of fire. Ceramic elements do not get overheated plus your pool water gets evenly heated. When the electricity is turned on and once the coil gets heated up, the heat produced is spread to the surrounding area.

Ceramic heaters are highly efficient yet do not produce toxic emissions because they operate on electricity. This type of heating device consumes lower amounts of electricity when operated properly.

The advanced safety features of most ceramic heaters make them very ideal to use. The latest models are equipped with highly advanced smart safety features such as overheating sensors that automatically shut off the heating device when cut-off temperature is crossed. It also has an auto shut off feature that makes your pool heating hassle-free. You can also use the timer control that you can set for a fixed amount of time.

Ceramic heaters are safe to use especially if you have kids as they remain cool to the touch. You also don't have to worry about ignition risks that are commonly caused by overheating.

Heaters with ceramic elements are the preferred choice for countless pool operators, builders and owners. However, there are also drawbacks in using this type of pool heating device thus care should be taken in cases of handling malfunctions as there is always a chance of electric shock as with other appliances and equipment that operate on electricity. So make sure that you handle and operate the device properly to ensure safety.

Ceramic heaters are compact and they come in many different varieties. To ensure that you pick the right one for your swimming pool or spa, ask your pool builder as they can give you advice on the type of heater to purchase depending on your requirements. Knowing what you need can help you decide on the best type, model and brand to get for your pool. If you would like to have a heater that's equipped with programmable options, this type of heater is an excellent choice.

Ceramic heaters are sought-after because of their stability. This type of heater weighs more and are quite expensive compared to other types of water heating device. If the cost is an issue for you then this is definitely not a better budget solution.

Ceramic pool heaters consist of ceramic plates and aluminum foils that generate heat real fast. They are easy-to-handle and configure. Apart from their energy efficiency, you can opt to get the latest models with energy ratings that are now out on the market. This highlights the device's capability to reduce power consumption therefore lowering your bills.

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