Koh Samui - some key information on this Thailand tropical Island  

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Given each option of locations in Thailand to live and make your home, it's absolutely at the top of everyone's set of favorites because it has a significant selection of elements that are unequaled anywhere within Thailand.

Koh Samui is considered one of the foremost desired vacation hotspots within Thailand, and surely has generated a large fan base since the times of the back packer era in the 70s initially discovered its lovely beaches and exotic environment. Koh Samui has top notch white sand shores, picturesque scenery and perfect hot sunny weather practically all year around, so it is ideally suited for tourists together with long-term residents alike whom bask in these glorious conditions.

Daily activities for those which are lucky enough to live on this Island are very often envied by the occasional tourists here on holiday. Those that do come sometimes return year after year, and frequently make plans to make an investment here so they have their own personal presence on the tropical Island.

Population - Number and people

There's a large population of approximately 40,000 Thai people from the Surat Thani area and also the surrounding provinces. Also there are quite a few local people that have lived on Koh Samui for many years and now run local businesses including cafes, retail outlets and also resorts around the Island. In fact, this quantity has been supported by the robust tourist based economy, which has brought along with it a number of service-based workers, travel and hotel related that support the plethora of resorts and hotels on the Island. Finally, the construction industry has prospered with significant resorts and hotels, shopping complexes and residential properties all contributing to an increase in the local population.


The general climate in Koh Samui is definitely shirt sleeves and pants all of the year around. You will find at times pleasant sea breezes from the sea blowing from the Gulf to cool the hot days, but as a regular range of temperature, these range from twenty-five to thirty four degrees Celsius. The environment is after all exotic, with some humidness, particularly in the rainy season.

There are 3 primary seasons through the yr, with the hottest time period between Feb and May when this is regarded as the "dry" season and temperatures upwards of thirty-two degrees. Then the rainy season comes from the finish of September until November. The nice thing is that after it rains, the Island normally returns to very delightful hot sunshine.

The cooler season arises from December till the conclusion of January when temps are upwards of 25 degrees. Mid-December oftentimes brings with it a little rain, even so the '09 year was especially sunny, the actual climate might be unpredictable through this time period.

From a local perspective having resided on the Island for far more than 3 years, the climate is generally pleasurable and the environment delivers individuals outside to mix and take pleasure in daily life. There are not a lot of times when you shut oneself away on account of freezing winter weather or other forms of inclement weather experienced in other areas of the world.

Eating and readily available ingredients

So far as basic food go, the nearby economy carries a significant range of local markets providing a magnitude of assorted exotic fruit, vegetables, spices or herbs and also flavorings, raw meats for example poultry, seafood sourced in the area and a myriad of other regional produce.

Complimenting this are supermarkets, there's a large Tesco Lotus in three locations, Chaweng, Nathon and most recently opened Lamai branch. There is also a Macro offering catering and bulk purchases, and this is open to all families with no restriction, this is also a great source of fresh new fish along with vegetables. For all those that crave for western food, sausages, steaks, pizza or pie and mash; these usually are accommodated in the several local eating places and pubs. Several in addition make breakfast specials, lunches and also evening meals.

Coffee bars on Koh Samui range from local cafes to all of the well-known outfits for example Starbucks and Coffee World. Hence for all those that like a caf latte or another favorite brew, you can find generally numerous choices. A couple of my favorites are Bistro Journal on the Chaweng - Bophut ring road, where they offer a complete breakfast as well as a collection of daily newspapers and Bakubung in Bophut where you can take a seat and get pleasure from wonderful views and peace and quiet.

For fast foods, you can find every one of the major foreign brands from Pizza hut, McDonalds and KFC. Ice-cream lovers will truly love Swensens ice-cream which is one of my personal favorites, with sites in Chaweng and at Tesco Lotus Chaweng. Fish and Chips are available in Lamai Tesco Lotus, by Sydney's Fish and Chips. You will find absolute loads of places to track down your favorites.

Local Thai food is almost everywhere you look from noodles and open air barbeques to much more high-priced eating places serving the very finest variety of Thai dishes. It is good to drive and look for the restaurants where you see local Thai people eating, as these routinely have essentially the most tasty Thai foods and are less costly compared to several of the touristy eating places.

You can find far more eating places than I can sufficiently illustrate here; from Indian restaurants, German steak, Swiss, English and Italian meals. You will discover so many bars also that provide a range of Western in addition to Thai foods. Practically you are spoilt for choice.


With regard to entertainment, there are numerous tourist type attractions to appreciate from Diving to Elephant trekking. There exists a thriving sailing society, as the Island gives us ample opportunity in order to take a trip on a local tour boat, or even learn how to sail at one of the schools.

Kite board surfing and sea Kayaking is usually a popular pastime. There's a recently formed Tennis club at Bangrak and a lot of hotels offering up their own Tennis courts for hire. Golf courses, you'll find three now established on the Island, by far the most well-known of these is actually Santiburi international course just outside Maenam on the Northern coast.

Some of the more athletic may possibly want to attend a Muay Thai gymnasium. Thai kickboxing is the nation's sport. You will find also many gymnasiums for those that would like to join. Meditation is practiced widely on the Island and there are several centers of excellence here for taking instructional classes.

For those that reside here, there is a multiplex movie theatre in Chawing's Tesco Lotus complex which has all the latest films and in addition tenpin bowling.

I have listed some of the opportunities available for people that settle on Koh Samui.

Koh Samui Property and lifestyle

For all those that desire to own property on Koh Samui, you will discover a few specialist real estate agencies to assist you locate a property. You will find also a selection of services from designers to law firms all who are represented well about the Island. The economic downturn in the world economy has meant that the Koh Samui property agencies remaining are in general very professional.

Here from the outset it really is critical to look at your choices and speak about the type and selection of residence that will best suit your family needs. Right here it's a very good plan to cooperate with a respected company on the Island, especially since this will enable you to prevent costly errors.

There are several properties on Koh Samui to select, from 1 bedroom bungalow design villas to 8 bedroom high class villas. General price ranges start from 75,000 US$ for any 1 bedroom condominium (forty-five sqm), 180

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