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Stylish comfortable cottages in a laid-back ambience without ostentation. Great world cuisine and a charming host. About 300m from Anjuna beach.
In the mood for some goan romance, we head to Laguna Anjuna, a resort some 10 mins from anjuna beach. At first glance it immediately seems a good choice. Part of the resort looks out over a stretch of paddy fields extending to the hills between Anjuna and Baga towards the south and the famous beaches towards the west and the cottages are built around full-grown trees creating intimate courtyards. We are glad of the spaces between the dwellings, for the only entities that will overhear us whispering sweet nothings to each other are the tropical trees and shrubs with which the resort seems to abound.
Up a lazy stone pathway is our cottage, built in thick laterite stone with pillars and domes. The minute we enter we want to dance around our spacious residence, light the candle on the stand in the traditional drawing room, toast each other with the wine from the mini fridge by our dining table, bounce up and down on our springy bed and read love poetry in our grand bathtub. But we have told Farrokh Maneckshaw, the friendly owner, that we will meet him for lunch.
Maneckshaw is a walking encyclopedia on the subject of Goa. Over a delectable feast of fish, he tells us that the word sussegad, which people commonly use to refer to a lazy fellow in Goa, can mean something quite different. If you look at the word another way, it could mean contentment and very sane refusal to be rushed. The Laguna website quotes Guillaume Apollinaire, now and then it is good to pause in the pursuit of happiness and just be happy.
This resort lives amid natural greenery insects, small animals and all. And life here reflects this spirit. The hammock swinging enticingly in the wind by the free-form swimming pool clearly agrees with Maneckshaw. There's no pretence about either Maneckshaw or the resort. Both are stylish, but neither is opulent in manner or style. He says, gesticulating at the wild, natural lushness around us, those who aspire to the modern ceramic 5-star hotel may be better off making another choice. This is a country resort for leisure, for romance. No conferences, packages and bulk bookings here. We have a sigh of relief.
Back in our cottage, we potter around drinking in the interiors. What appeals most is the way comfort has been achieved through the use of locally available materials and traditional workmanship. The roof is made of terracotta tiles. “The use of porches and balconies, particularly incorporating Goan balcaon-style seats are designed in ways of old to promote gossip,” whispers the room attendant with a twinkle in his eye.
Beach Charms
A stroll down the beach is in order. Curlies, the popular beach shack, like the beach itself, manages to contain a variety of travelers with absolute equanimity. Hang around long enough and you'll be instructed and encounter some daughters and sons of the 60s with stories of their own free-spirited escapades. You may even meet the Goan women who apparently tied her son to the bed each night, for she didn't want him to sneak out to party with the “flower children”.
Before dinner is the perfect time to laze in the resort's large, lagoon-like swimming pool. Floating on our backs, a contemplation of the granite boulders scattered amidst the pool's peripheral frangipani, banana and mango trees feels like meditation.

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