LED Lighting for your water features  

by Pool Builders on 10-06-2009 in Articles

You will require specialised lighting in your home in many different places like over the bar or to highlight a painting or a structure. But one of the most important is that you will require to light up your water features which you put so much thought into.

Some Water Features you can highlight with specialised lighting

Swimming Pool
Swimming Pools require special installation and specialised lights that are made specifically to be fit under water. These lights need to be encased in specialised casing that protects the lights from water damage and also protects the people swimming from getting electrocuted. You can have mood lighting features or can create an art piece with innovative lighting in and around the pool.

Fountains can be placed both inside and outside. Today manufacturers are so innovative that you can have them as a beautiful showpiece right in the middle of your living area. The water in the fountain is brought to life in the night with the use of the latest technology in LED lighting and fiber optics.

Outdoors Water Feature
By this we mean you can create some wonderful landscaping features like a stream of water coming through rocks and plants to spill into a manmade pool to create a visually stunning piece. You will have to put a lot of thought into it as well have to choose a good lighting design company which can not only give you creative ideas but also the services to see it through.

Spas are another place that you should install LED lights. They have a spectrum of colour that looks fabulous in the night. They are especially enjoyed if you have a party happening and you have some friends and family over. You can even have some mood lighting for a quiet and enjoyable experience.

If you have a private path to your beach then you will require some LED lights and fiber optics to illuminate your way. Not only does this look very appealing but also it is also very important as a security measure. If you have a shallow water feature around your house then that can be illuminated by LED lights for an ethereal look.
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