LED Pool Lighting Can Be Just the Start to Reducing Your Energy Costs Within the Home

by Pool Builders on 07-23-2010 in Articles

Do you want to save money and help preserve our natural resources?

Of course you do. No one wants to have high energy bills and be responsible for unnecessary impact to our carbon foot print. It's very painful to think also, that our children are going to be even more effected by the decisions we are making today.

You want to do everything you can now to make changes to our energy consumption but you don't necessarily need to sacrifice the comforts that you and your family are use to. I know because I'm making the change now and I've realised that you don't have to do everything at once to make an impact.

As a Home Sustainability Assessor I have completed hundreds if not a thousand Assessments on Residential Homes and have met households that either don't give a damn, are fanatical or taking baby steps in the reduction of Household energy use. This is my position on reducing energy consumption. First off start by saving the energy, not using unnecessary power, then we changed our Swimming Pool Lighting to an LED system.

LED stands for Light emitting Diode, I discovered that an LED has a Life Expectancy of more than 50,000 hours no matter where the origin of manufacture, an LED will use a third of the power of a Halogen low voltage globe or CFL for the same amount of brightness.

The Swimming Pool was a great place to start because without a decent Lighting system, your Pool at night is a Black Hole with water in it and it was LED Pool Lighting that gave us the knowledge of LED's and the realisation that by changing our house over was worth the expense and one that we will benefit from in the long run.

The expense of LED Lighting for your home has reduced dramatically since we installed ours, by changing your halogen globes over you will reduce unnecessary heat into the home, we changed our fluorescent battens as well. Having 50,000 hours of life would mean that our LED Pool Light won't have to be touched for 10 years and 5 to 7 years for most of our household lighting.

These are all facts so believe me when I say that you will not only save energy but there is very little ongoing maintenance as well.

This is a great way to start conserving our natural resources without going to a great expense. We have outlined some resources to help you get started, so all you need now is the knowhow.

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