LED Underwater Lights - The Best Choice For Pond and Pool Lighting

by Pool Builders on 09-26-2009 in Articles

When you build a pond or swimming pool, underwater lighting is one of the most important factors. 80% results of your project depends on underwater lighting. Understand lights can be submersed to illuminate a given area for many different types of reasons. They are not only used for illumination, but also for ornamental purposes. Therefore, it is very important to choose right lamps for your project.

How to choose the best lamps for your projects?

Traditional incandescent and quartz halogen lights are usually the most cost effective products. They will emit a clear white light. This type and style of lights are available in power ranging from 100W to 500W. There are two problems for these bulbs:

1. Waste lots of energy
2. Only white color is available. It is difficult to used for ornamental purposes.

LED(Light Emitting Diode) technology improves quickly recently. Now LED underwater lights can solve above two problems. LED presents many advantages over traditional light sources including lower energy consumption, longer lifetime, improved robustness, smaller size and faster switching. So, advantages of LED underwater lights are as follow:

1. Energy Saving
Comparing with incandescent and quartz halogen lamps, LED lamps can save over 70% electricity cost
2. Various colors are available
Colors of LED can be red, blue, green, white and orange. You can use DMX512 system to create excellent ornamental effect.
3. Long Lifespan
Lifespan of LED underwater lights can be over 30,000 hours
4. Eco-friendly
No UV, IR, lead or mercury.

Therefore, if you are looking for excellent ornamental lighting for your swimming pool or pond, do not hesitate to choose LED underwater lights.

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