Labels Save Lives - Ways to Label Your Pool, Hot Tub & Equipment Areas For Safety

by Pool Builders on 10-07-2009 in Articles

While the swimming pool or hot tub can provide much enjoyment, it's also an area with serious safety concerns. In addition to applying all of the safety labels provided with your pool installation or spa equipment, there are additional ways to label your pool, spa and equipment areas for safety.

These measures can help you achieve a safer and efficient pool environment as well as reduce risk and hazards through the proper replacement and storage of materials/equipment. Portable label printers like the K-Sun LABELShop BEE3 make the task easy, and professional labels are much more durable, permanent and legible than a quick-fix like the masking-tape-and-marker method.

o Make sure that all the warning signs provided by the manufacturer and installer are displayed according to specifications.

o Label the electrical cut-off switch for the pool or spa pump with a brightly colored label so it can be turned off in an emergency.

o Label the electrical fuse for the pool and/or spa on circuit breaker panels, and label the master shut-off switch in a distinctive color for immediate access. The Electrical Safety Foundation recommends that every adult in a home learn to safely access the electrical panel in an emergency.

o Add operating instructions so family, friends and employees can operate the system if needed.

o Label pool and spa areas with instructions for shut-off, directional and other operational purposes. Label pipe flows, key valves, wires, connections, panels, switches and parts, especially those hazardous or essential to operations.

o Reminder labels can be added around the pool, spa and equipment areas. Self-locking gates can include a reminder, "ALWAYS CLOSE GATE." For above-ground pools, add reminders to steps and ladders, such as "REMOVE AFTER USE." For spa covers, add "REPLACE COVER AND LOCK AFTER USE." Add labels near the spa area, "WEAR HAIR PROTECTION" as long hair may cause entanglement. For pool area alarms, add a label, "TURN ALARM ON AFTER USE. Label areas for storing pool and spa chemicals in the home, shop or garage with a brightly colored warning label reminder to "LOCK CABINET."

o Label shelves for chemicals for proper storage and retrieval and protective handling equipment such as goggles and gloves.

o Set up, visually standardize and label the equipment areas for storage, replacement, and ease of retrieval for vital supplies such as life rings and shepherd hooks.

o Add vendor information with name, address, phone number and email on pool and spa equipment. Add a date label when pool and spa equipment is serviced.

o A phone by the pool is essential. Label cordless phone handsets and base stations with address, 9-1-1 and other emergency numbers such as poison control (1-800-222-1222), so a visitor or neighbor who needs to make an emergency call can see this information immediately.

o Professional pool installers note that that providing labeling to customers is an easy-to-do, value-added service to help reduce injury, damages, risks and liability. When on the job, installers can label pool parts, pipes, valves and electrical connections for ease of service and for customer support information.

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