Labor Day Pool Fun and 5 Safety Tips

by Pool Builders on 08-26-2010 in Articles

Labor Day is just around the corner and for many it's one last chance to throw a backyard barbecue and pool party before the official end of summer. As with all holidays, it's always important to keep health and safety in mind when planning your events.

Because most Labor Day activities involve outdoor activities, here are five tips to maximize your fun and safety:

1. Always use sunscreen - if there will be a lot of in-pool activities going on, make certain you purchase waterproof sunscreen and re-apply according to the directions. It's true that UVB rays are a good source for soaking in some Vitamin D, after about 10 minutes of direct sunlight your body has absorbed its limit.

2. Drink plenty of water - staying hydrated, yes even if you're in the pool, is always wise. You don't want to end the day with a trip to the emergency room for treatment of dehydration or heat stroke. Also, if your holiday party plans involve alcohol, drinking water will help reduce the effects of a hangover. Wear sunglasses and a hat - a baseball hat or a floppy-brimmed hat is a good idea of you're going to be in the sun for long periods of times. It will help prevent heat stroke and sunburn. Protective eyewear is wise anytime you're outdoors. Find sunglasses that offer protection to your corneas and retinas from harmful UVB rays.

3. Don't completely blow your diet - yes, it's a holiday and good food will be plentiful but sample a little bit of everything. Eat in moderation. If possible, look for lower fat recipes for your favorite foods, chances are no one will notice the difference.

4. Keep allergy medicines on hand - allergic reactions are common summertime fare. From ragweed to treatment for mosquito bites and bee stings, keep a first aid kit handy.

5. Have a safe, happy and healthy Labor Day. In addition to the above health tips, make certain you practice pool safety as well - never let children swim unattended, keep your pool fence locked if no one is there to supervise, and practice restraint when mixing alcohol with swimming activities.

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