Lack of Supervision in Swimming Pools

by Pool Builders on 02-23-2011 in Articles

Lack of Supervision Pool Injuries

Swimming pools are iconic symbols of summertime, complete with splashing, laughter, and usually a pool full of kids for several hours a day. Along with owning a swimming pool and hosting a parade of parties and neighborhood children, there is a great deal of responsibility pool owners take on to ensure the safety of everyone. Pool injuries are very serious, especially when dealing with oxygen deprivation or possible drowning. But the majority of swimming pool injuries can be avoided with proper adult supervision.

Every second counts with swimming pool related injuries and supervision could mean the difference between life and death. Whether it is a private or public pool, providing patrons with proper supervision helps maintain a safe and fun environment for everyone to enjoy themselves without the worry of injury.

Importance of Pool Supervision

Lifeguards and swimming pool owners are responsible for the safety of every swimmer and should always be aware of what is going on in and around the swimming pool. These injuries can be as basic as lacerations and contusions, or as severe and life-threatening as neck injuries and drowning. Some helpful tips for preventing pool injuries include:

  • Provide constant supervision, being aware of any abnormal behavior
  • Be aware of illnesses or seizures children might have and know what to do
  • Teach children how to swim and properly act in and around the pool
  • Put up fences or protective barriers around the pool

There is always a risk for accidents, but you can significantly reduce the risk of injury by keeping an eye on swimmers.

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