Ladies Swim Shorts - How to Choose the Right One

by Pool Builders on 04-18-2010 in Articles

Choosing the right swimwear is often a perplexing question among women because women are usually more conscious about looks than men. This is quite obvious with several manufacturers releasing different types of swimsuits each year. There is no wonder if women get puzzled between these large arrays of models and closing down the deal. The question becomes more arduous when it comes to choosing between shorts and bikini.

Many women are not comfortable in bikinis when it comes to beaches or outdoor swimming pools because they will have their own reasons to justify it. While some women simply feel that their body shape is not right for bikinis, some others are not comfortable in revealing so much skin. Whatever reason you got, you have an alternate option that can provide you with the same comfort and even more protection. These are swimming shorts designed for women.

Swim shorts have one more advantage if you are planning to use these on your vacations. Many countries and people are very sensitive to 'nudity' compared to Western World. If you are planning to visit such a country and their beaches, wearing shorts can help you to stay away from unnecessary stares which will make you very uncomfortable. Some of the important tips to choose the right swim shorts are;

1. Fabric - The most ideal fabric for swimsuits are nylon and this is the reason why you find nylon shorts to be pricier than polyester ones. Nylon ensures fast drying and lightweight.

2. Inner Stitching - Inspect the shorts before buying it and see the stitching style. For good quality shorts, there will be an additional lining that will be extra soft and cover the strings.

3. Waistband - Make sure to purchase shorts with waistband and avoid the ones that come with strings. Waistband provides your shorts with a neat look and this is more comfortable to wear.

Usually nylon shorts with stretchable legs and waistband is the ideal choice for swimming as these are lightweight and provide you with excellent comfort. However, you can find several excellent varieties that are made up of polyester as well.

4. Leg Width - Shorts should ensure free movement of your legs. If you find shorts that come with very narrow legs, make sure the fabric is stretchable.

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