Landscape Design for Swimming Pools: Your Backyard Oasis  

by Pool Builders on 06-12-2008 in Articles

Landscape design for swimming pools creates an outdoor living area that is not just elegant, but also relaxing, fun, and refreshing. Backyard spas can be simple or extravagant - there are thousands of design possibilities that can be beautifully integrated into any garden style. To plan a swimming pool design that complements the overall style of your home while providing enjoyment to your family, you should pay attention to a few details. Here are few very important aspects:

Defining the Purpose

Swimming pools can be used for many different things and the purpose of your spa will influence the overall design. A swimming pool used for exercise, for instance, would require more length and depth than a spa area designed for recreation. Some swimming pool designs are created simply for beauty. These pools can be very small and can be surrounded with different accessories than a functional swimming pool.

Determining the Size and Shape of Your Pool

Before selecting the best size and shape for your swimming pool, you should consider the amount of space you have available as well as your budget. Keep the primary purpose of your spa area in mind as well. A swimming pool designed for recreation may need more patio space around the pool while a decorative pool may benefit from a custom design with an intriguing shape.

Custom designed swimming pools enhance the value and beauty of your home. From luxurious bath-style pools to modern designs featuring hot-tubs and plant life, a custom built outdoor spa guarantees a relaxing haven that you and your family will enjoy for years. If a custom pool isn't in your budget, circular, rectangular, and even L-shaped designs are readily available and can create an outdoor space just as unique.

Another important consideration in landscape design for swimming pools is the depth of the pool. Children and those who don't swim will enjoy a shallow area, while swimmers require at least four feet of water. Diving boards should only be used in pools with at least nine feet of water for safety reasons. Swimming pools that gradually increase in depth are ideal for family recreation.

Materials, Features, and Pool Accessories

The patio and walkways around your swimming pool are just as important as the pool itself. Choose accessories that complement the rest of your outdoor space and reflect the tastes and interests of your family. Plants and flower beds can soften the look of raw concrete paths or you may consider decorative tiles or paint for a more vibrant appearance.

There are many other features that can enhance your swimming pool design, making it more enjoyable and more beautiful.

  • Baja steps, beach entries, and many other step styles are available to make your swimming pool more accessible while enhancing beauty.
  • Outdoor lighting [] designed for underwater use can add a sense of mystery to your spa area after dark and allow you to enjoy the area any time of day.
  • Outdoor furniture that matches your garden style creates more opportunities for enjoyment with comfortable poolside seating.
  • Fences, or even hedges created with evergreen trees or shrubs, provide privacy and can complement your overall design as well.

  • Rocks, stones, and boulders create unique, low-maintenance accents that can lend a natural flair to your spa area.
  • From simple, romantic waterfalls to elegant, spraying fountains, water features [] can add an intriguing air as well.

There are many possibilities for a backyard pool and spa that are beautiful and enjoyable. Many homeowners choose to contract a professional specializing in landscape design for swimming pools [] to ensure the right pool design for their home.

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