Landscaping And Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 03-03-2011 in Articles

Landscaping ideas are just as widely spread as your imagination. The focal points of all of your ideas are privacy, protection, beauty and convenience. The swimming pool is that area of your property that offers you a very unique challenge when it comes to landscaping. Now, there are some umbrella categories of ideas that you might use.

First of all, landscaping around your pool through plants is a very generic yet important aspect. The plants should not be of such type that they require constant and too much upkeep. In fact, the plants should give a very welcoming look to your pool area. One example of a good choice of plant would be Croton Petra. Crotons require lots of light and are flamboyant therefore they are surely a perfect plant for pool landscaping. Moreover, Holly is a fair enough option too as it does not ask for a lot of maintenance. Potted plants too tend to hold their leaves for longer time periods, tending to be less mess creating. Now, you might be really attracted to some much prettier plants like the petunias or the geraniums, but these can be very messy and might drop leaves or petals in the pool or the surrounding area. You might wonder why plants? Actually, flowers make your artificial pool setting much more natural. They let your pool blend in with the physical environment. Another reason is that they form a privacy shield around the pool, which lets you enjoy a less exposed feeling. Some other concerns apart from being messy are that some plants tend to have really deep roots and this can affect the pool structure overtime. Also, some flowers and plants tend to attract bees which really cannot be appreciated in a pool area.

Moving on, fencing is a significant approach to provide the functions of safety and protection, especially when your pool is in your backyard. It would provide a sense of lounging in a locked area. You would most probably go for this if you have really young kids. Now, coming over to what type or color you should have, it is quite subjective and depends upon your own preference. All you should keep in mind is to have the fence blending in with rest of your home. One good idea might be of a high fence with closely set slats. While discussing the concept of safety, it is not a bad idea to have a canopy or tent over your patio or the deck, as it will also ensure a better space for lounging and for acting as a shield to protect your plants from climatic variations.

You might be wondering where this patio came from? Well, it's a part of the landscaping which provides scenic beauty and safety as well. A concrete patio might prevent you from slipping as you casually walk out after your swimming session. If you prefer brick patios, try to have a coarse surface. One drawback of this type of patio is that you would frequently have to clear off the moss.

So now you have stepped into the world of landscaping around your swimming pool. You can be as much creative as you possibly can, keeping in mind the things to be avoided and the things that can be beneficial.

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