Landscaping Designs – Helpful Ideas For Above Ground Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 05-23-2011 in Articles

Landscaping designs for lawns varies from garden features to water features like swimming pools. A swimming pool in your yard will add value to your property, and it will also serve as a way of relaxation and recreation for the whole family. And you can choose what type of pool you want for your lawn, which can either be in-ground pool or above ground pool. To help you design your above ground pool, some ideas are suggested bellow to help you get started.

1. Beach design. It is said that leveling the ground for above ground pool is crucial. And to make it easier, some people use a layer of sand and have been a successful way of leveling so far. Other people would add more sand and adorn their pool like that of the beach, with simple beach umbrellas and lawn chairs.

2. Boulders. You can use boulders or stones on the outside walls of your pool. You can also make use of attractive rocks for adding allure and beauty to the landscaping designs of your pool. Some people enjoy music by installing speakers behind rocks or any manner as long as rocks are utilized.

3. Terrace. You can incorporate a terrace-like structure extending from your pool where you can put sun bathing chairs, a table, and umbrellas. This is a good extension where you can relax after swimming.

4. Traditional landscaping elements. These include flowering plants, shrubs or tall bushes. You can decorate them around your pool so that it will have a natural look, and it will look more refreshing. Choose those plants which will not bend down on your pool, or else you will have additional cleaning to do.

5. Pool lighting. You can have lights on the outskirts of your pool to light the area during night time. Aside from that, you can also set up lights underwater to add captivating beauty of the water in your swimming pool, especially during night time. Just make sure that you have a safety measure for your lighting set ups.

Indeed, a swimming pool is a luxury all of us are worth having in our yards. You only have to provide an area for it and decide for its right landscaping designs in a way that your pool will blend with the whole design of your lawn. With the right designs, your pool will truly add value to your property and will surely make your lawn stand out.

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