Landscaping Makes Your New Pool Even More Beautiful  

by Pool Builders on 09-11-2012 in Articles

Having a pool in the backyard or anywhere else around your property is without a doubt quite pleasant. For this to be possible however, it all has to start somewhere, as a resident of Walton Beach, the first thing that you will need to do is decide which of the many Fort Walton Beach pool contractors you will charge with getting this job done. Fast-forward to a few weeks later and your new pool is ready for use but there are certain finishing touches that you need to add to make it more beautiful.
If you want to enhance the beauty of your pool you will need to do a bit of landscaping around it. Actually, landscaping will not just make your pool look good; your home in general will also appear more attractive. Now the question is; how do you go about choosing the best landscaping for your pool?
First and foremost you need to consider the type of water you have in your pool; is it salty or chlorinated? If you have either of the two types of water you need to be aware that plants will not grow very well in or around such water; as a matter of fact they might die. So if you want to add plants around your pool and you have either of the aforementioned water types, make sure that they are planted significantly far away to avoid any contact. Make sure that the roots of these plants will never take up the pool water. Elevated plant beds can also prove useful.
The type of plants you use for landscaping is also another aspect you need to look into. Bees are useful in the equation of nature but you do not want to have them paying you regular visits. There are certain plants that attract bees for instance foxglove; you will want to give such plants a wide berth. Elms, birches, conifer evergreens and are some of the landscaping plants that do not attract bees. You can always carry out research to find other options.If you intend to plant trees around the pool make sure that you only go for those that are known for minimal shedding. This is because when that time comes, you will be forced to either cover your pool or clean it on a regular basis. Having trees around the pool is actually a very good idea since they promote a cool environment.
Fort Walton Beach pool contractors agree that the more plants you have around the pool the better. A good idea is to completely surround the pool with high growing plants that will completely conceal the pool from outsiders. This will make the pool look very attractive with a tropical paradise theme; to say the least when it comes to pool landscaping, you can never go wrong with plants.
Rocks have always been great landscaping elements; you can use them to make the pool area look more natural. It is however important to ensure that the rocks used are not sharp so as to reduce chances of getting injured.

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