Landscaping Swimming Pools - Getting The Hang Of It

by Pool Builders on 11-05-2008 in Articles

If you have satisfied your dream of adding a swimming pool to your backyard, and already dreaming of the incredible pool parties and neighbourhood/community parties that will fill your weekends in the years to come. The task of landscaping your pool area will be the only challenge between you and the first big party in your pool. It may seem to be a daunting task, looking at the vast spaces in your pool area - but with the following tips, you can make your pool look splendid.

Swimming Pool Landscaping starts With using The correct Fence and Decking

Every owner should follow the safety precaution of fencing the swimming pool in the right way. Many cities do not grant permits unless the swimming pool has been fenced. Your fence will be the major part of the the swimming pool from outside the house. So take some time out to choose a good one which will look attractive and provide a nice backdrop for the landscaping of the pool. You wont have the room to place a few plants around the pool if you make an error by placing the fence very close to the pool.

The things with which you want to surround the pool will vary with the type of pool that you have. Above ground pools generally have wrap around decks made of wood, while in-ground pools are generally covered with cement sidewalks and flagstones on the perimeter. The decking that you choose must compliment the pool's shape, the type of fence enveloping it

Landscaping the swimming pool And Choice of Plants

The plants that you don't choose will be as important as those plants that you do choose, when you landscape your pool area. Many people want to have some shade near the pool, but planting trees will result in cleaning leaves which fall into the pool. Choose trees like Juniper, which are cleaner to get some shade.

The idea of having a flowering or highly fragrant shrub is very tempting. As good as it feels to have a flowering bush, it is a paradise for bees as well. Unless you want a few bee stings at your pool parties, these shrubs are best skipped.

Keeping your foliage in containers so that you can spread them about the pool area, is among the easiest ways to bring plants close to your pool.

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