Landscaping With Children In Mind  

by Pool Builders on 05-01-2011 in Articles

If you are lucky enough to have the space to construct beautiful and tranquil gardens, you should make sure they are safe. Being able to go outside and enjoy nature, the fresh air and sun at your own home is a wonderful thing, especially for children. Where there are children though, you can guarantee they will squeeze themselves into all sorts of places if they think there is something interesting there. This is why in a garden, you need to be aware of potential dangers and have them removed or secured to avoid any injuries.

Keep an eye out. -

Toddlers in particular are at great risk in the garden. As they have a natural urge to check out new things they can quickly find themselves in a bit of trouble as they are unable to effectively co-ordinate a stable recovery when something goes wrong. If you consult and enlist a professional landscaping expert they can help you be sure your garden is a safe place for kids. Firstly, we know that water is one of the biggest dangers to children in homes. If you have a swimming pool then this will need to have appropriate fencing and be free of any items on the outside that can be climbed by an adventurous tot. A professional landscaper will have a good working knowledge of the current laws and can ensure your pool is as safe as possible. Never forget to always supervise young children near swimming pools or whilst they are swimming.

The right ingredients for a great garden. -

There are a few simple ingredients that go into the mix for an awesome garden. Plants are certainly one of the main things to add. Plants that have thorns cause skin irritation or be poisonous if ingested should definitely be omitted from your flora wish list and you may not know yourself which ones these are. A professional landscaper can advise on which plants are safe to have when little children are around. Garden tools and pool and garden chemicals will need to be kept in a safe place and so you might like to factor in a small garden shed if you have the space so these can be securely locked away. If there is a compost bin present you should also always make sure this is in a secure spot. While you may be child safety savvy, it does not mean that your neighbors are. Good strong fencing that cannot be climbed by your child is of the utmost importance as the garden next door may not be so safe.

Landscape gardeners have experience in designing and preparing kid friendly gardens to suit your needs. Kids move fast, you should never turn your back on them; or their safety.

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