Landscaping Your Commercial Swimming Pools  

by Pool Builders on 11-30-2011 in Articles

Commercial swimming pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada are usually made for recreation and relaxation purposes. Pools in establishments like hotels, resorts and even community centers are surrounded by land which can be designed to make the entire experience superior in terms of aesthetic value. Landscape designing for swimming pools is gaining popularity and most commercial pools are now surrounded by beautifully designed landscapes.

Things to consider before landscaping your pool

The theme of the landscape should be determined first. A general idea of what the pool area ought to convey in important before the detailed designing begins. The architecture of the building should be considered. The landscape of the pool should blend with the building.

The plants that are going to be included in the landscape have to complement the theme. For example, if your theme is tropical, palm trees are a good match. The fixtures that adorn the landscape are also important. They should blend with the plants. Fixtures include stones, pebbles, lighting, seating, statues and other accessories.

The budget is vital. The theme should be a viable one. If the theme is working out too expensive another one should be chosen. Quality of products should not be compromised upon. A contractor can be hired to do the landscaping. They will draw up a design and make a proposal of the budget which can then be worked upon according to your capacity and requirements.

Seating and furniture around the pool should go with the theme. It is also convenient if this furniture is light and easily moveable. They should be water resistant as people tend to use them after getting out of the water.

Safety and security

Safety is essential in and around swimming pools. Some commercial swimming pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada have fencing. This is important if the establishment is frequented by a lot of children and babies. It will keep them safe and stop them from falling in while playing and wandering. The fencing does not have to be very high. It can be between 4 to 6 feet in height.

Lighting around the swimming pool area should be sufficient. More so in the case of pools that function in the evenings and nights. Lamp posts and other innovative lighting fixtures can be included to complement the theme. Underwater lighting inside the pool is also important for safety. It will also enhance the beauty of the water in the dark and throw light on the surrounding land.

The area right around the pool can be paved with tiles and patterned stones. The material used should not be slippery when wet and should provide good grip. There should also be a facility that drains excess water that splashes out of the pool.

The land surrounding the pool area can be used as a dining area or a place for outdoor entertainment. Steps and varied land elevations give the area more depth and beauty. Landscaping commercial swimming pools Toronto, Ontario, Canada not only adds to the appearance and functionality of the area but also increases its market value.

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