Lap Pools for Every Size Home  

by Pool Builders on 11-28-2009 in Articles

Those who long for a swimming pool but don't have enough space will be delighted to learn about lap pools. Lap pools are fast becoming a national craze. Lap pools are smaller sized pools that offer the benefits of swimming by using high-powered water jets. These small sized pools offer all the fun and exercise of a large pool with a much smaller footprint.

Lap pools come in different shapes and sizes and can be installed below or above ground. They are a stylish way to add a pool to your yard, deck or home with much less hassle than standard sized pools. If you have a small space to deal with but want all the benefits of a pool consider getting a lap pool.

Lap pools work by providing a strong stream of water that you can actually swim against. You can regulate the strength of the current to exactly what you want. Lap pools allow you to swim "laps" in place. Think of it as a treadmill in the water. You can easily create a good exercise routine.

Because they are small in size lap pools can be easily installed in many tight spaces. Town home dwellers can even install them. Lap pools give you all the great attributes of a full size pool with a tiny size. These pools come in standard sizes and can also be custom made to order.

A regular sized lap pool is about 14 feet in length and about 7 feet wide and has a standard depth of about 30 inches. When choosing the size of your lap pool consider what your main use for the pool will be. Those who have more space may opt to get a larger lap pool and can have one created to exactly fit a specific space requirement.

Another name for a lap pool is a swim spa. That is because the lap pool can double as a small spa that you can use for recreation. The lap pool can be positioned anywhere however keep in mind that the floor must be able to support the weight. When installing on a deck you can easily have the deck reinforced under the lap pool. Lap pools, like other pools, require general maintenance and chemical treatment, however, the maintenance is much easier simply because of the size of the pool.

Some things to think about when considering a lap pool include the size, placement and price. Get a professional installer to review the space and determine the proper placement. Indoor placement makes a luxurious and fashionable statement. The prices for lap pools are similar to pricing for regular sized swimming pools.

When looking at lap pools choose one that fits into your price range while suiting your needs. Get one that will seamlessly fit into your dcor. Before installing a lap pool be sure to review any installation requirements for your town. Your new lap pool will be a fun and chic way to exercise and provides you with a beautiful addition to your home.

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