Learn How to Swim and Play the Keyboard Like a Pro

by Pool Builders on 10-10-2013 in Articles

Learning to play the keyboard is a lot like swimming. The only way you can learn how to do it is by doing it. Children seem to have a knack for picking these skills up with a lot of ease while adults generally find it more challenging. As adults learn how to swim, we are often preoccupied with thoughts of gravity and the copious amounts of water we are swallowing. In the same way, we are concerned about sounding terrible and making a fool of ourselves while learning how to play the keyboard. In contrast, children do not over-think it. This demonstrates that the key to learning how to play the keyboard like a maestro and swim like a pro is to approach the experience with a child-like mentality.

The Effect of Stress on the Learning Process

Studies have proven that stress and aggravation have a negative effect on the way our brains learn and remember. Further, researchers suggest that the key to optimal learning is not to eliminate stress altogether but rather, to manage it. The reason for this is that a moderate amount of stress has been found to serve as the fuel that causes us to spring into action.

When getting into a swimming pool for the first time, children trust that their instructor knows what they are doing. Likewise when learning how to play the keyboard, kids are not stressed about the difference between a harpsichord, a piano and a synthesizer. They are neither concerned with technical terms, nor do they spend hours obsessing over the difference between a C and a C#. All their focus is on doing what their instructor teaches them to do. Even when they get it wrong, they don't beat themselves up, give up or storm off in a huff. Instead, they try again as if they have all day or year to master a single tune. The ease and calm with which they approach these experiences helps to open their brains up and facilitate learning.

As adults, we do not want to look or sound ridiculous. Unfortunately, in our effort to maintain decorum and image, we sometimes get in our own way and sabotage the learning process. So the next time you are sitting in front of those black and white keys or taking a learner's plunge into the pool, remember that nobody ever learnt anything without taking that first awkward step.

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