Learn Out The Complete Process Of Aluminum Pool Fences Installation!  

by Pool Builders on 09-19-2011 in Articles

If you are determined to have advantage of fencing, and now you want aluminum pool fences around your swimming pool, then before that, don't forget to check with the homeowner's association for restrictions law for any aluminum pool fence or any other fence. Though every country has different laws and restriction for aluminum pool fence or for its safety restrictions, so it is your personnel duty to check for the restrictions that you may or may not about installing fences around your pool.

Basically, the purpose of these restrictions are to provide safety as they decide the complete measurement of aluminum bath fences, thus going with these jurisdiction, you won't need to be guilty as the measurement suggested by them is really accurate. The jurisdiction which follows BOCA requires some conditions such as the aluminum bath fences should be minimum 48" high, a vertical space of 45" should be free around pool between the horizontal rail of bottom and next up fence panel rail. The overall distance by ground and fence bottom should not exceeding 4" and the doors of aluminum pool fences should self latching and closing.

To make ideal aluminum bath fences, it takes a keen technical preparation. After checking laws and restrictions, you need to go for preparing everything necessary for making these aluminum pool fences strong and can stay for long years without any damage. For that, first of all you can start with measuring the full are where you want to install fencing. For that, don't forget to leave some spare place around the pool to walk around. After measuring, order for aluminum fencing required along with a gate. Mostly the aluminum pool fences are used come in panels. For installing, before that you need to stake out pool circumference, where you have decided to install the fence. Protecting yourself from any mistake, you can install a fake fence while digging the posts.

After making all the preparation, the installation of aluminum pool fences can be started. And for that we have already read on that it takes high observation and complete knowledge. For installing aluminum pool fences, install gates very first. After that dig a 12 inches pole and it should be 3 feet deep inside. The pole should be filled all with concrete and then you can insert post for installing gate. The position of gate should be upright. Now, you can start procedure to install your fences' posts. The holes of panels should be 6 inches and 3 feet deep. Panel installation task is similar to gate installing.

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