Learn Safe Handling of Pool Chemicals

by Pool Builders on 04-21-2015 in Articles

While it's necessary to use pool chemicals to maintain the water and keep it safe for swimming, these materials are potentially hazardous. Learn safe techniques for storage and handling to avoid mistakes and injuries. You should also know what to do in an emergency for optimal preparedness.

Adding Moisture

The normal procedure for adding moisture to pool chemicals involves adding them to a large quantity of water. If only a small amount of water moistens the materials instead, a dangerous reaction could occur. In this case, the temperature of the materials may rise and toxic gases could be released into the air.

Potential situations with unexpected moisture could include rainwater leaking from a roof or window, a wet floor and improper storage, and accidental spraying from a hose or a sprinkler. Even excessive humidity during summer weather could result in a small amount of moisture contacting the chemicals.

Mixing Accidents

The accidental mixing of the wrong compounds is another common error with pool maintenance. Mixing incompatible materials may lead to a dangerous reaction such as the release of toxic or corrosive gas. Mixing accidents could also result in explosions and fire.

A mixing accident could occur after spilling substances on the floor and then accidentally mixing them together to clean up the mess. It's also possible that you could accidentally combine substances if you use the same tool to handle more than one chemical. Disposing of old containers could lead to accidental mixtures if residues unexpectedly mix together.

Safe Handling Practices

It's imperative that you store pool chemicals correctly to keep them dry. Elevate the substances off the floor on shelving or platforms. Keep the substances in waterproof packages or containers. Always seal the containers completely after opening them. For best results, keep the containers away from doors, windows, drains, water pipes, sprinkler systems, and hoses. Monitor the condition of the storage building to ensure that roof and plumbing leaks do not occur.

Always label containers clearly to identify them. Never reuse old containers to avoid the possibility of accidentally mixing substances. Never mix old and new chemicals together in a container, even if they are the same type. Use a designated tool for each substance and never transfer tools between containers. Make a policy that you do not handle more than one material at a time to avoid dangerous combinations. Keep the storage areas impeccably clean at all times. Never allow clutter, trash, and debris to accumulate around the materials. Never store combustible materials around chemicals.

Proper Training

Ensure that anyone handling the materials understands safe handling rules. It's also imperative that handlers understand what to do in an emergency. For example, if a fire starts, the substances involved will make fighting the fire different from standard combustible fires. Handlers must also understand the dangers of the toxic fumes that could be an issue with accidents.

Although pool chemicals are important for keeping swimming water clean, you must know how to handle them properly for safety.

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