Learn When to Start Babies Swim Lessons and Why  

by Pool Builders on 11-04-2014 in Articles

Swimming is always such a fun that will not only give you enjoyment but also keep you healthy and fit. It is a wonderful experience for babies too. But you need to consider the perfect timing to give children to learn swimming. Do you know that babies can develop a passion for swimming? They are born with a talent of swimming and thus their parents can eventually learn how to swim.

At the age of one to two years, bath tub is the perfect medium for the little one to develop a healthy relationship with water. If you start early training of his children, the infant will experience a great deal of stimulation from water resistance over the entire body. The touch and connection with water between parent and child can establish a deep emotional bond between the parent and child because they are skin to skin, face to face touch in the water.

Early introduction of babies with water is the best to develop their skill and learn them the basic strokes of swimming. If parents start giving their child lessons later, it can be a bit harder to get the child comfortable on his back in the water. It takes some time to get used to the teacher, the water and the distraction at the pool. So, the swim academies have introduced babies swim lessons to start their training at the primary age. Very recently, in Dubai, babies swim lessons academy has been inaugurated to develop their swim lesson skill. This academy has not just only opened this learning center or children or babies but also for ladies as well. It means babies can now learn swimming with their mummies.

The mission of this academy is to teach your children to swim and survive under water. The teachers or coaches of this academy are well reputed and have approved learn to swim certificate by swim Australia. Not just only this, the teachers have over more than 30 years of experience in different countries and with different nationalities. When the child falls in the water, he is trained to hold his breath, roll over onto his back and kick to the surface.

Combined we have well over 30 years of teaching experience in different countries with different nationalities. In infant swimming lesson, the main focus is on play, water safety skills and water familiarization. So far as teaching of babies is concerned, these swim teachers offer social, physical and intellectual stimulation for babies that help to build up an appetite and therefore enhance sleeping.

In recent times, babies swim academy has been opened up in various places like UK, USA, California, Dubai etc. The main aim of these swim academies is to make swimming fun but the highly trained instructors make a perfect balance of leaning and playing so that your child can learn the strokes of swim in playing mood. The skills that the instructors try to improve in you include improving their breath under water, safe entry to the pool, blowing bubbles, floating, treading in the water and much more.

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