Learn to Swim - Am I Competent to Swim in the Open Water?

by Pool Builders on 02-10-2011 in Articles

Singapore biathlon, one of the biggest events in Singapore jointly organised by the SAFRA National Service Association and the Republic of Singapore Navy is one of the hottest topic among my students. The event comprises an Olympic-standard 1.5km swim which is held at East Coast Park followed by a 10km run. It is one of endurance challenges that everyone can take part in and it promotes health and fitness to our fellow Singaporeans. My students have been asking me whether they should take part in it as it is the first time in their lifetime to take up their challenge. They feel excited about it and want to complete it to give them a sense of achievement. My reply to them is that will depend on their individual fitness and give them advice on how to know whether they are competent to swim in the open sea.

Below is the point that I shared with my students.

1.5km Swim

Before taking part in the Singapore biathlon, you will need to go for a swim trial with the relevant authorities to show that you are capable of completing the 1.5km swim which mean you have to complete thirty laps in the pool. Each lap of the pool is equal to fifty meters. There are cases where swimmers overestimate themselves that they will be competent of completing the swimming without training for it. The time trial date are fixed thus you must be able to give yourself a timeline to train for it. If you have past experience of swimming in the open water, you will be granted exempted in case to case basis. My advice to the students is to be disciplined and trained almost three to five times a week depending on their availability of time for such events. Please take note you also have to train for the running parts without considering these time slots for swimming. Their body have not been conditioned to swim long distance. You may clock up more than 1.5km in the swimming segment due to the open water conditions. Thus, the average distance to clock for each swimming session I will recommend around 2km. Since the student is in beginner stage, progressive swimming must be enforced to ensure that fatigue does not affect them. Please do not be over ambitious to clock the mileage as it will bring harm to your body. It will be beneficial for you to draft up your own training program or you may wish to consult professional advice to keep you in track.

Training Buddy

It will be good for you to have a training companion to join you for the race and training. Both of you will be capable of motivating each other to achieve your desired results. Lastly, your buddy and you may wish to swim in the open water for a trial on your own to understand the waters better and gauge your swimming abilities.

Swimming in the open water requires you to be disciplined in your training. Most importantly, have fun while swimming.

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